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2 Ways to WOW: Free Learning & Anywhere, Anytime Support

Serious business man accessing online learning resources from his mobile phone and laptop

When clients need help, nothing should keep them from getting what they need quickly and easily, and at their convenience. We have no barriers between clients and our best product support people and we have radically improved immediate and free access to learning material. We designed these experiences to optimize our clients’ time, not ours. And I won’t rest until every client experience is a WOW experience. And we will continually adjust as our clients’ business and staff needs evolve.

We designed our online learning ( to be available anywhere, anytime, for free – and it’s a fun experience with interactive media, role-based learning paths, and preconfigured containers for a student sandbox experience. Client feedback is excellent and we are rapidly adding new courses every week. I believe that the need for learning is never ending – client staff change roles and responsibilities, new staff is hired, and adoption of our products increases. We also enable clients to learn from one another in our developer community (, where 15,000 members work together, ask questions, share experiences, and code.

Expanding on the design of the learning experience, students can pick a topic or follow a structured learning path with a Learn-Play-Build approach. The Learn phase includes multi-media content that’s brief, fun, and integrated with additional resources. The Play phase enables the student to fire up a preinstalled/preconfigured cloud container with instructions that guide the student in their own personal sandbox – a lot of fun for those of us who love to learn hands-on. And the Build phase supports the student as they define an innovation project and get started with a continuation of the sandbox experience, plus live help is available from one of our engineers or specialists. This model is a new direction that builds on our online learning and cloud technology to deliver a really effective and fun experience for developers that want to build sophisticated solutions.

Clients rave about our support because we approach support differently. Our most knowledgeable people are on the front line, and we encourage them to take their time with clients to understand what the underlying needs are. The clients set the priority and only clients can give us permission to close an issue, and we connect them with our best specialists with no hassle whatsoever. And we do this 24 hours a day, worldwide, in a wide variety of languages.

Our Sales Engineers innovate shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients in order to solve real, and often complex, problems by building applications that matter. We invest in our clients’ success by providing Sales Engineers to offer expert advice to help our clients turn a concept into a reality.

Each year at the InterSystems Global Summit, our developer community connects at our Solution Developers Conference. This conference is specifically for developers who work directly with InterSystems products and gives them the opportunity to meet with their peers to discuss what matters, what works, and their experiences. At our 2017 conference, they had the opportunity to dive into discussions and enjoy “Experience Labs” around our new InterSystems IRIS Data Platform, helping attendees learn more about the platform through Q&A, demo sessions, and interactive experiences.

Learning did not end when everyone returned home from Global Summit. Developers who missed discussions or who were unable to attend the event can still view all of the materials on our learning portal by following the InterSystems Learning Paths and Resource Guides that include materials dedicated for the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. We look forward to interacting with and learning from their experiences in the coming months as more members of the community start deploying on the IRIS platform.

InterSystems is committed to providing our entire community with immediate access to education, help, and other resources that enable them to be successful. From sales engineering, to support, to documentation, clients can easily find and get what they need, when they need it. I am passionate about making every client experience a WOW experience. And I’m grateful for our clients’ trust in us and for their long lasting partnerships.

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