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What exams are available?
Find a list of certification exams on the InterSystems Certification Program page.
Are InterSystems certification exams challenging?
InterSystems certification exams are designed to assess real-world job skill competency for their target profiles and can be challenging to candidates. The exams are created using a rigorous process that focuses on the skill level of the target profile at each step of development. Additionally, the development of exam content includes input from experts inside and outside of InterSystems.
Do I need to study or prepare for an exam?
InterSystems Learning Services recommends carefully reviewing the content listed under Exam Details on the relevant exam page. There you will find topics covered in the exam as well as suggested learning materials, including practice questions.
Can I take an InterSystems training course and expect to pass a certification exam on the same technology?
This is possible; however, preparation beyond InterSystems training and documentation is generally required to pass certification exams. Exams are designed to assess the application of skills and learning, and do not only test your retention of information. In many cases, a successful exam attempt requires on-the-job experience with our technologies. Refer to the Target Exam Role under Exam Details on the relevant exam page for details.
If I successfully complete practice questions, am I ready to take the exam?
Practice questions mirror the format and style of actual exam questions; however, they do not constitute a practice exam and do not exhaustively cover all topics on the exam. Additional preparation is highly recommended.
What am I allowed to use during an exam?
Some InterSystems certification exams contain reference material that can be reviewed as needed. However, additional resources—including blank paper or pens—are not allowed.
Am I penalized for wrong answers?
Candidates are not penalized for wrong answers. Wrong answers do not count towards the exam score.
How can I purchase an exam?
Use the Purchase Certification Exam button on the relevant exam page to proceed with registration when you are ready.
How much do InterSystems Certification exams cost?
All InterSystems certification exams cost $150 (USD) each. If you retake an exam, you may request a voucher code for a 30% discount on one retake attempt. Refer to the Exam Policies page for details.
I passed the exam – how long does my certification credential last?
Most InterSystems certification credentials are valid for five years, or until a new exam supersedes the original and the previous exam is retired. As a certification holder, you will be given ample notice of any changes to your credential. Find out more about renewing your certification.
How can I find out if I passed?
Exam results are immediately available under My Assessments. This report shows a breakdown of exam topics and your performance in these areas.
Can I retake an exam if I was not successful?
You can retake an exam after a brief waiting period; retake support is available. Refer to the Exam Policies page for details.
What if I believe an exam question is inaccurate?
Candidates can challenge exam items by writing to The InterSystems Certification team will review all challenges and inform you of the outcome. Note that a successful challenge does not automatically result in additional points towards your score. Other feedback about questions and the exam experience are welcome via the same email address.

Certification Exam FAQ