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TrakCare: EMR Built for Evolving Healthcare

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The Power to Change

Rapidly changing consumer preferences, business priorities, government regulations, provider loyalties, competition, and technology ensure that today’s pressing problems will differ from tomorrow’s.

There will always be pressure to transform care delivery.

TrakCare is a flexible and powerful healthcare information system for delivering, managing, and transforming care. It keeps all participants engaged, connects systems and processes seamlessly, and enables change without adversely impacting critical clinical, administrative, and business operations.

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Built to drive clinical and business outcomes
TrakCare supports new users, new models of care, and successful adoption of the new system with:
Intelligent workflows
A personalized user experience
Flexible decision support using trusted data
Availability anywhere
Product Announcement
TrakCare Assistant
InterSystems TrakCare Assistant transforms clinician experience with new, search-based functionality for surfacing relevant patient data and taking action in the EMR.

Built to Enable Innovation and Responsiveness

TrakCare application programming interfaces (APIs) and connectivity options give you the freedom to innovate using data from TrakCare’s unified patient record and other sources. No partner lock-in, only openness to serving up data and contributing to the larger health data ecosystem.
Telehealth Functionalities in TrakCare
TrakCare Telehealth integration with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Attend Anywhere facilitates patient and provider convenience and makes it easier to implement an effective “digital front door” patient engagement strategy.
Introducing COVID-19 Vaccination Management in InterSystems TrakCare
Don Woodlock, head of healthcare solutions at InterSystems, presents the new FHIR enabled, Apple Healthkit integrated COVID-19 vaccination management solution for TrakCare users. The solution enables patient cohort identification, vaccine scheduling, and vaccination data management. It includes schedule self-management for patients, as well.

TrakCare Numbers to Know

We incorporate our global best practices into TrakCare and deliver it preconfigured to meet local market requirements. This reduces complexity and risk so you can concentrate on what matters most – excellent patient care.
Number of patient records managed using TrakCare
29 / 5
TrakCare is deployed in 29 countries across 5 continents
TrakCare is used in more than 500 hospitals
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An Ecosystem of Products to Extend TrakCare
You can extend TrakCare via partner and InterSystems solutions to address specific needs of your organization. For example:
Enhance clinical decision support with Wolters Kluwer’s UpToDate
Increase efficiency and patient safety via integration of Capsule patient monitoring solutions
Improve security, clinician productivity, and job satisfaction with Imprivata Confirm ID
Improve user experience and integrated management of clinical workflows at the point of care with the Ascom Myco 3 Smartphone
Extend the reach of TrakCare with InterSystems HealthShare for interagency and community-wide information sharing
Leverage TrakCare data and increase application development speed and capabilities with InterSystems IRIS for Health and its support for FHIR

More Reasons to Choose TrakCare

Deployed in 29 countries in national, regional, and single facility organizations. Recognized by leading analyst firms.
Easy to Own
Flexible managed services and deployment models, and a unified solution with fewer moving parts and no apps to manage saves time and money.
Over 40 years focused on healthcare plus market leading technology and solution offerings ensure we know what it takes to succeed.
A Faster Path to Innovation
Start with TrakCare’s healthy data for easy sharing and reduced complexity. Access the data as HL7 FHIR through our innovation toolkit.
Patient Centric & User Focused
For every patient there is only one record. For every user, there’s only one login, on any device, and a personalized user experience.
Always Ready, Always Up to Date
Fully Web-based and mobile first. TrakCare is available whenever, wherever, and however it’s needed.
Continuous Improvement
Analytics and open data access help you understand performance and progress on quality measures. InterSystems programs can help you maximize ROI and benefits from TrakCare.
World Class Technology and Support
TrakCare is backed by a world-class, worldwide support organization. You set the priority of support requests. You approve closure. You get results, quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my organization access and use data in TrakCare without having to rely on services from InterSystems?
TrakCare won’t lock away the data you collect to care for patients and operate efficiently. In fact, TrakCare makes accessing, sharing and using that data easier. Our Innovation Toolkit for accessing data as FHIR, our many API’s, and support for direct query mean the door is open for innovation.
If we can’t replace all of our legacy systems is it still worth implementing TrakCare?
Many organizations have diverse information ecosystems and replacing those investments may not be practical or desirable. TrakCare’s native interoperability supports both standards based messaging and custom interfaces making deep integration between TrakCare and your legacy systems possible so that streamlined workflows and single sharable patient record is still achievable.
Our service is expanding and we need a new lab system however we don’t need an EHR. Can we just buy TrakCare Lab Enterprise?
Yes, TrakCare Lab Enterprise can be purchased as standalone solution to serve the needs of large or decentralized referral labs as well as healthcare facility based laboratories. It can interface to any EHR but is fully integrated with TrakCare.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Giovanni Arcuri, Chief Technology Officer (UOC Tecnologie Sanitarie)
Chris Hosking, Deputy Chief Executive
Marco Elefanti, General Manager
John Daniels, Global Vice President
Khalid Hanish, MD
Mandy Skilcorn
Dr. Jay Vasani, Consultant Physician, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

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