InterSystems IRIS: The Next Generation Data Platform

InterSystems IRIS makes it easier to build high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.

It provides high performance database management, interoperability, and analytics capabilities, all built-in from the ground up to speed and simplify your most demanding data-intensive applications.

As a complete, cloud-first data platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple technologies, resulting in less code, fewer system resources, less maintenance, and higher ROI.


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Open and Rapid Development and Deployment

An open environment for defining business logic, business process management, and modern interface design enables rapid development and agile business innovation.

InterSystems IRIS integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and with best-of-breed technologies to support the widest range of customer environments and application requirements.

Automated deployment options simplify public cloud (such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Tencent Cloud), private cloud, on premise, bare metal, and virtual machine deployments and updates.


High Performance with Horizontal and Vertical Scalability

An ultra-high performance database engine supports transactional, analytic, and transactional-analytic applications that reduce latencies and enable real-time insights and actions.

InterSystems IRIS seamlessly scales vertically and horizontally to efficiently accommodate increasing workloads, data sizes, and concurrency.

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InterSystems IRIS is a Complete Data Platform

InterSystems IRIS gives you everything you need to capture, share, understand, and act upon your organization’s most valuable asset – your data.

As a complete platform, InterSystems IRIS eliminates the need to integrate multiple development technologies. Applications require less code, fewer system resources, and less maintenance.

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InterSystems – A Proven Technology Partner

Everyone at InterSystems has a passion for making customers successful. We have thousands of clients serving millions of users around the world.

We understand what our customers want from technology. All our products are designed to be interoperable, reliable, intuitive, and scalable.

We are proud to back our world-class technology with world-class support. Our Worldwide Response Center (WRC) has personnel in cities around the globe and provides engineering-level expertise and multilingual 24/7 support for all InterSystems products.

Our Learning Services department offers a wide variety of classroom and online training opportunities to help you derive maximum value from our products.

Privately held since our founding in 1978, our focus on client success has never been distracted by quarterly profit targets and demands from stockholders.

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Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice

InterSystems recognized for Second Year in a Row with 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Operational Database Management Systems

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Build Something on InterSystems IRIS

With the InterSystems IRIS, you can start building something that matters, right now.

InterSystems IRIS is:

  • A new kind of user experience
    You’ll see the power of InterSystems IRIS as you explore its feature set in useful and compelling real-life scenarios.
  • A no-risk way to explore
    Start with online courses to learn about InterSystems IRIS. Then move into collaborative, creative spaces to try it yourself and see the potential of using InterSystems IRIS for your development projects.
  • A path toward becoming an InterSystems partner
    Talk to a member of our team about bringing your project to life on InterSystems IRIS and becoming a member of our family of partners.

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