Eliminate Data Silos

InterSystems IRIS has powerful, flexible interoperability capabilities that enable you to eliminate “siloed” data and processes by connecting people, processes, and applications. It includes the comprehensive range of functionality needed for any interoperability task.


InterSystems IRIS can connect to your existing data and applications, enabling you to leverage your existing technology investments and to seamlessly connect with business partners. A comprehensive library of adapters provides out-of-the-box connectivity and data transformations for packaged applications, databases, industry standards, protocols, and technologies – including SQL, HL7, SOAP, HTTP, FTP, SAP, TCP, LDAP, Pipe, Telnet, and Email. Object inheritance and SOAP services minimize the effort required to build any needed custom adapters. Using our InterSystems IRIS unit testing service, custom adapters can be tested without first having to complete the entire solution.

With its flexible and comprehensive interoperability capabilities, solutions based on InterSystems IRIS can easily be deployed in any client environment.


The InterSystems IRIS orchestration capabilities allow you to build composite business processes spanning your internal systems as well as those of business partners.  These powerful capabilities allow you to automate business processes involving different applications that were not designed to work together to create a seamless experience for your employees, business partners, and customers.   Capabilities include guaranteed message delivery, content-based routing, high-performance message transformation, and support for both synchronous and asynchronous interactions. InterSystems IRIS provides a graphical editor for business process orchestration, a business rules engine, and a workflow editor simplify the creation and maintenance of business processes by developers and business users.

Monitor and Manage

Because it includes a high performance transactional-analytic database, InterSystems IRIS can store and analyze messages as they flow through your system.  It enables business activity monitoring, alerting, real-time business intelligence, and event processing.

InterSystems IRIS has a browser-based management portal that provides easy access to information about your solutions, including all messages, process state, and metadata captured from working systems. Debugging, when necessary, is facilitated by the Visual Trace feature, which gives administrators the power to trace messages and examine their contents as they move through the system.

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