Big Data Analytics Platform

InterSystems IRIS includes powerful, built-in big data analytics capabilities, the ability to run a wide variety of analytics directly within applications, as well as the ability to incorporate your favorite best-of-breed analytics tools.


Machine Learning (ML)

InterSystems IntegratedML® is an embedded feature of InterSystems IRIS that enables application developers to easily create and train machine learning models without requiring advanced data science skills, making it possible for organizations that do not yet have data scientists on staff to develop and deploy machine learning models. And it improves the effectiveness of organizations with teams of skilled data scientists by automating much of the tedious work involved in data wrangling, feature engineering, model building and tuning, enabling data scientists to become more productive and focus on higher value tasks.

Deep integration with InterSystems IRIS enables applications to seamlessly execute these ML models dynamically in response to real-time events and transactions, directly on the data, without extracting or moving any models or data.

Business Intelligence (BI)

InterSystems IRIS includes powerful, interactive business intelligence capabilities for big data exploration and reporting. These high-performance dashboards can be embedded in real-time applications to give your users deep insights at the point of action.

Adaptive Analytics

InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics capabilities provide business users with superior ease of use and self-service analytics capabilities to visualize, analyze, and interrogate live data from multiple sources in a consistent format.  Adaptive Analytics enables business users to get the information they need to make timely and accurate business decisions, regardless of the source, format, velocity, or age of the data, without being experts in data design or data management.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Our built-in capabilities for natural language processing and text exploration enable you to gain insight from unstructured data and use it to enrich your applications. NLP is also important for creating new features from text that can be used to create and train machine learning models. Our text exploration technology – also available as open source – is different because it uses a “bottom up” approach, discovering concepts and relations within the text itself. There is no need for the tedious and limiting process of predefining dictionaries or ontologies.

Open, Standards-Based Connectivity

InterSystems IRIS is an open platform, which means you can work with your favorite third-party tools and technologies for data exploration, business intelligence, NLP, AI, and machine learning. The ability to embed third-party analytics tools directly into InterSystems IRIS applications gives you the freedom of choice to use additional best-of-breed technologies to gain valuable insights and execute intelligent programmatic actions in response to real time events.


InterSystems IRIS can connect to and leverage a wide variety of third-party analytics tools and analytics standards, including:

  • Apache Spark
    Apache Spark is an open-source, high performance cluster-computing framework for data processing and analytics tasks, including predictive analytics and machine learning. InterSystems IRIS incorporates a built-in connector for Apache Spark, enabling you to leverage the performance and horizontal scalability of the InterSystems IRIS Data Platform directly when working with Apache Spark.
  • PMML
    Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) is the standard used by many popular machine learning and analytics tools for describing predictive models. InterSystems IRIS automatically generates optimized, native code based on PMML model definitions to execute predictive and machine learning models created with external tools directly inside the InterSystems IRIS data platform for highest performance.
  • UIMA
    Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) is a framework for Natural Language Processing (NLP) applications. InterSystems IRIS text exploration technology is compatible with UIMA, thereby enabling any UIMA-compatible NLP tool to be used as part of your data workflows.
  • Self Service Business Intelligence (BI) Tools
    In addition to its native, embedded BI capabilities, InterSystems IRIS supports third-party self-service BI tools including Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, enabling customers to work with their existing BI tools with InterSystems IRIS applications.

Leveraging an Open Analytics Platform

InterSystems IRIS supports a wide variety of third-party analytics technologies, enabling customers to continue to use their tools and technologies of choice.

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