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Healthcare runs on data – for diagnosis, treatment, wellness, performance improvement, payment, and knowledge discovery. Healthcare data is diverse, dispersed, and frequently changing, and it is growing at a rate that far exceeds our ability to consume it. To make the most of that data – for timely insights, informative lookbacks, and predictive modeling – you need an analytics platform that can leverage the power of all that data in a unified care record. That is InterSystems HealthShare Health Insight.

Health Insight delivers information for better decisions based on the aggregated, clean data in HealthShare’s community-wide, unified care record. HealthShare aggregates and continuously updates this care record from electronic medical record (EMR) systems, claims systems, health information networks, social care, and other sources.

Health Insight is unique in delivering actionable intelligence straight to existing clinical and care management workflows. It enables you to more effectively care for individuals while also providing comprehensive insights into the populations formed by those individuals.

Use cases for Health Insight include:

  • Using clinical dashboards to better manage at-risk members and deliver better care coordination
  • Closing gaps in care with event-based and time-based clinical notifications
  • Automatically identifying patients for community-wide care management, registries, and population health management
  • Data aggregation, normalization, and cleansing to feed InterSystems or third-party analytics, decision support, and machine learning applications
  • Assessing data quality
  • Monitoring and assessing resource utilization such as emergency services or a hospital bed census

Key Features

“THE ABILITY TO REFINE AND FOCUS ALERTING TO SPECIFIC PATIENTS WILL ADVANCE SERVICES AND RESOURCE ALLOCATION ACROSS THE CARE CONTINUUM.” Nick VanDuyne, Executive Director, NY Care Information GatewaySafe, coordinated care requires insight delivered in time to identify opportunities for action and enable interventions. Health Insight makes this possible with automated updates as new data arrives in the unified care record. This kind of closed loop management can reduce readmissions, improve sepsis rates and lower a health plan’s per member per month costs for chronic disease populations. Health Insight makes this possible with automated event logic and notifications configured for the issues that matter to you and your organization. It enables you to properly manage those who are sick, and encourage healthy behaviors for those who are not.

Analytics Infrastructure
Health Insight offers a robust analytics data model and infrastructure to add meaningful health analytics to your current workflows. A customization framework lets you extend the model to include other sources and data types, and developers have SQL access to this data for complete freedom in how it is used.

The comprehensive health analytics data model is automatically populated and updated in near real-time via InterSystems HealthShare Unified Care Record. The data model and analytics can incorporate social determinants of health, care plans, and other text-based information such as radiology or pathology reports, in addition to structured data.

Decision Support Beyond the EMR
Traditional clinical decision support provides guidance based on the data in your EMR. Health Insight monitors your entire health and care ecosystem, across multiple EHRs and other data sources, to avoid costly adverse events and align care teams around desired outcomes for individuals and populations. Clinicians and care managers can subscribe to Health Insight clinical event notifications on population members of interest for events such as Emergency Department admissions or abnormal lab results.

In addition to event-based notifications, Health Insight uses analytics based on time periods or missing events to trigger notifications about possible gaps in care. Changes in calculated risk scores can also trigger notifications to clinicians and patients.

Dynamic Cohorts
With a single lab result, missed appointment, or emergency room visit, an individual can move from one population cohort to another. Health Insight automates cohort assignments and dynamically updates cohort membership so you always know where to focus limited time and resources.

Health Insight provides tools to create fully interactive dashboards, reports, statistical and text analyses, and business graphics with high-level summaries and detailed drill downs. A starter set of dashboards and reports provides immediate benefits, and their code serves as examples to simplify the process of creating your own. One available report helps administrators monitor the flow of data from the unified care record into Health Insight by comparing the number of encounters, patients, and unique patients throughout the system.

Out-of-the-Box Dashboard Solutions

The Emergency Department (ED) Usage Report is the first of several turnkey solutions to be included with Health Insight. It identifies high utilizers of the emergency department in near real time, enabling staff to shift care to other appropriate, less expensive venues. Users can easily view the unified care record for complete background on the patient’s health status and history. Hospitals and health systems can make configuration changes to the ED Usage Report to meet their specific needs.

Data Management Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
The Health Insight toolset lets you develop analytics applications using the data in HealthShare Unified Care Record. It also includes a library of APIs for populating the Health Insight data model from other data sources. As with all HealthShare solutions, Health Insight understands and supports the relevant healthcare interoperability standards.

Data Provisioning
In addition to its own rich analytics environment, Health Insight can provide data services to the rest of your analytics portfolio. These include conditioning, harmonization, normalization, and transport services to feed current, comprehensive and credible data to other applications.

Data Provenance for Trustworthy Data

Health Insight tracks and exposes the source of the data it contains, including information such as sending facility. This helps ensure that data provenance is known, can be vetted, and can be trusted by the people using the data for decision-making.

When relevant patient data changes in the unified care record, the changes are propagated to Health Insight. Health Insight’s Data Consistency Check tool monitors the flow between its data and that in the unified care record, identifies mismatches, and presents data consistency trends over time. Health Insight users can drill down into the data behind the trends to explore gaps and support data cleaning or corrections, ensuring that decision makers can always trust that Health Insight is working with the latest information.

More than a Service

LEARN MORE ABOUT HEALTH INSIGHT AND ALL OF THE PRODUCTS WITHIN THE HEALTHSHARE SUITE AT INTERSYSTEMS.COM/HEALTHSHARE.Health Insight is part of the HealthShare suite of connected health solutions, and can be delivered as a managed service. Combine Health Insight with HealthShare Unified Care Record, HealthShare Personal Community, HealthShare Provider Directory, or HealthShare Patient Index to advance your digital transformation strategy.

Customer Support and Education

When you select Health Insight, you get more than technology. You also get our acclaimed customer support and extensive educational opportunities. Search for Health Insight education resources at Learning.InterSystems.com. Learn more about Health Insight and all of the products within the HealthShare suite at InterSystems.com/HealthShare.

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