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Jul 11, 2024
Eleven common questions and answers
Today more than ever before, organizations are striving to gain a competitive edge, deliver more value to customers, reduce risk, and respond more quickly to the needs of the business. To achieve these goals, organizations need easy access to a single view of accurate, consistent, and trusted data – and all in real time. However, growing volumes and complexities of data make this difficult to achieve in practice. As data grows, so does the prevalence of data silos, making integrating and leveraging data from internal and external data sources a challenge.
Jul 08, 2024
SupplyChainBrain Webinar
Increasing operational costs, labor shortages, and geopolitical tensions are keenly felt by supply chain organizations and highlight the importance of fast, informed decision-making.
Jun 28, 2024
Manifest MedEx
Erica Galvez, CEO of Manifest partnership, shares insights about the Manifest MedEx's role in the healthcare sector, its transition to a new platform, and vision for the future of healthcare in California. Manifest MedEx, the largest nonprofit health data network in California, securely shares health information across a network of over 130 hospitals, 16 health plans, 2000 providers, and more than 38 million Californians. InterSystems technology and strong partnership enables their internal staff to focus on innovation, not infrastructure, as they work towards their vision of addressing the whole person in healthcare with whole person data.
Jun 28, 2024
Greater Houston Health Connect
Junaid Husain, Chief Executive Officer, Greater Houston Health Connect shares his experience partnering with InterSystems. He believes we need to rethink healthcare, focusing on social determinants of health and solving critical issues that the community has prior to them being sick. He also discusses how his organization has been managing one of the world's largest Covid-19 outcomes research studies since 2020.
Jun 27, 2024
Bloor InPerspective Brief
In today’s global marketplace, supply chain management plays a pivotal role in the success of businesses across various industries and, with the increasing complexity and interconnectedness of supply chain networks, the demand for efficient and effective solutions continues to rise.
Jun 06, 2024
Product Fact Sheet
Learn about our self-service solution that streamlines access to data across the enterprise, delivering a single source of trusted data to all consumers
May 02, 2024
Digital Health Insights
Secure and clean FHIR data can help providers produce valuable insights to improve population health outcomes and personalized care.

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