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Democratizing Access to Unified Data in Financial Services
Enable consumers to access unified data with InterSystems® Data Fabric Studio™, the only self-service solution designed to create and maintain a smart data fabric.

InterSystems Data Fabric Studio

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InterSystems Data Fabric Studio

Business leaders across the financial services industry — from asset management firms and banks to data and analytics providers — struggle with accessing unified, timely data spread across applications, data feeds, data warehouses, data lakes, and data marts.

InterSystems Data Fabric Studio offers a new approach to delivering the right data to the right consumer at the right time, in a secure and controlled environment.

It's a fully-managed, cloud-based solution designed to make it easy to implement and maintain a smart data fabric that connects and transforms disparate data into a single unified source of actionable information. The self-service solution enables data analysts, data stewards, and data engineers to access and process the data business stakeholders need without relying on developers.
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Data Access Simplified
A fully managed, self-service solution designed for data analysts and data stewards. Hosted in major cloud providers with a non-disruptive architecture.
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All-in-One Solution
One solution that provides end-to-end data integration, harmonization, and automation, a data catalog and metadata management, integrated ML, and data analytics along with the ability to build a customer-extensible canonical data model.
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Fast and Scalable
Cloud-based solution with fast processing times, massive scalability, and reliability, designed for high-volume, mission-critical, data intensive applications that connect to live data sources, minimizing latency.
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Secure and Compliant
A full change history and a historical data store enables the retrieval of any prior state to satisfy business, client, and regulatory compliance needs. Built-in authentication, encryption, authorization, and auditability ensure tamper-proof compliance with internal and regulatory mandates.

Transforming Financial Services
with Unified Data

InterSystems Data Fabric Studio is essential for all firms that need a single, trusted, timely view of data across all data silos.
Unlock new possibilities with a solution designed to simplify access to timely, unified data, helping you develop new products, deliver a better client experience, lower risk, and operate more efficiently.
Enhance customer experiences, empower decisions, and drive digital transformation with a single, trusted, and timely view of data across enterprise sources.
A new approach to data management is driving product innovation, expanding differentiation, and modernizing operations in investment banking.
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Insurance Firms
Achieve customer personalization, and process claims faster with automated data management.
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Fintechs and Data Providers
Launch innovative new applications and offer new data services on a platform designed for scalability, performance, and efficiency.
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Power Your Enterprise
with Unified Data

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Product Innovation
Create innovative digital experiences with customer personalization using live data from your CRM, market data sources, portfolio management, and reporting systems.
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Client Management
Monitor and respond to client needs with timely insights. Build predictive models to flag issues and opportunities with speed and accuracy.
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Risk Management
Improve predictive model output by using high-quality, reliable data. Minimize operational and compliance risk from manual data processing by ensuring the right people have access to sensitive information.
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Digital Transformation
Modernize your infrastructure in a non-disruptive way by connecting data from on-premises and cloud data stores in a single solution.
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Regulatory Compliance
Track changes in data over time for full auditability. Comply with global and local regulations without introducing risk or duplicating data.
Customer Success Story
How Harris Associates Breaks Down Data Silos in Asset Management
Harris Associates breaks down data silos by implementing a smart data fabric, reducing the time it takes to make informed business decisions.
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Our Technology
InterSystems Data Fabric Studio is built on InterSystems IRIS®, a complete cloud-first data platform with all the necessary components firms need to build and maintain a smart data fabric architecture in one self-service solution.

Data Fabric Studio makes it easier to deploy data-centric, AI-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.
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Solution Overview
InterSystems Data Fabric Studio
Learn about our self-service solution that streamlines access to data across the enterprise, delivering a single source of trusted data to all consumers

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