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InterSystems Health Gateway

Cloud-Based, On-Demand Access to Secure Patient Data Nationwide

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The Challenge of Complete & Comprehensive Patient Data

Let’s face it – most, or nearly all, of us visit a variety of care providers for our health and well-being. This tends to increase as we get older – in fact, the average Medicare beneficiary visits a specialist over 5 times per year and a primary care provider (PCP) over 3 times per year, with 35% of this group seeing over 5 different physicians per year*. Additionally, virtual care appointments have grown significantly: a recent study uncovered that almost 80% of patients had a virtual visit with their own physician, while 20% had a virtual visit with an outside physician not likely to be familiar with them**.

All this poses a challenge to care providers of all types – whether brick & mortar hospitals and clinics, or digital health providers - since they often lack access to the complete and up-to-date clinical data for a given patient. Geographic mobility, age, medical emergencies and other factors contribute to the challenge of making optimal care decisions based on incomplete clinical data.

National health information networks like eHealth Exchange, Carequality, and CommonWell were developed to fill these information gaps. And federal regulatory frameworks like TEFCA – the US Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement – provide governance and guidance around the way data is accessed and used. Yet providers still face the challenge of managing connections to the networks, dealing with multiple care documents, and making the data meaningful and usable.

InterSystems Health Gateway

InterSystems Health Gateway is a cloud-based, on-demand service delivering near real-time, secure access to patient data from across the nation, within existing workflows and in easily used formats.

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More Complete Patient Data Improves Care
Healthcare organizations and digital health providers can leverage aggregated health data for treatment use cases to improve patient care, care coordination, and transitions of care. As TEFCA and the national networks expand data usage agreements to include payment, public health, research, and other use cases, so too, the value of the InterSystems Health Gateway will expand.
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Delivered in Formats
Suited to Your Users
The service offers various options for viewing and using patient health records. Options include embedding a viewer into your clinical applications with data displayed in a clinician-friendly longitudinal record format, receiving it as a consolidated C-CDA document, or obtaining it as an HL7® FHIR® bundle.
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Timeliness Matters
Our solution seamlessly connects to national networks, delivering aggregated patient data in near real-time. This relieves providers’ staff of the administrative burden of chart chasing, and eliminates the delays that come with lengthy processes to request and receive health records.
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A Clean and Simple Solution
to a Complex Challenge
InterSystems Health Gateway leverages the company’s deep expertise in health data interoperability, offering quick and efficient access to comprehensive patient data through modern APIs. A single agreement with InterSystems eliminates the need to negotiate multiple agreements and simplifies accountability and operational management for customers.



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Key Features
Single API connection to national networks
Flexible options for viewing and using clinical patient data – embedding a viewer containing the parsed data into your clinical application, a consolidated C-CDA, or a FHIR bundle
Easily contribute clinical data back to national networks in response to patient data queries from other providers via a single API



Deployed as a Cloud Solution

InterSystems Health Gateway is deployed as a fully managed solution – we remove the burden of managing the implementation, hosting, and other deployment aspects. Customers can focus on day to day activities with the confidence of knowing up front what the managed service will cost and the associated SLAs.

InterSystems designs, hosts, and delivers the solution so you don’t need to purchase, operate, secure, and maintain the infrastructure yourself. The InterSystems Health Gateway includes:

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All data center resources, including hosting, hardware, and network capacity needed to run the solution.
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Ongoing maintenance of all solution components
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Configuration & Onboarding
Customer-specific configuration and on-boarding services to bring the solution live
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24/7 support for the solution including real-time monitoring
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Sophisticated security and data protection programs



Questions About the National Health Information Network

Q1. Why is patient data so fragmented?
Virtually all patients receive care from multiple providers. This practice increases as individuals age, resulting in fragmented patient records. Factors including geographic mobility, age, and medical emergencies further compound the challenge.

On average, Medicare beneficiaries visit specialists five or more times per year and primary care providers more than three times per year. The rise in virtual care appointments adds further complexity - 20% of patients have virtual care consults with physicians who may not be familiar with their medical history.
Q2. What is a national health information network?
National health information networks like eHealth Exchange, Carequality, and CommonWell allow participating care providers to both share, and obtain, records from other participating providers who have treated an individual. While their technical frameworks differ, they allow a provider to query for and retrieve available information about a particular patient using standard healthcare interoperability formats. To participate, providers must have a contractual relationship with the network(s).
Q3. What is InterSystems Health Gateway?
Essentially a one stop shopping approach that grants a provider access to the national networks by means of a single agreement and a single connection. This not only streamlines business relationships, but it also maximizes the likelihood of obtaining all the data available for a patient, even if records are spread across several networks, or one if one network is offline for some reason.

InterSystems Health Gateway aggregates patient data (from multiple records regardless of where the care was delivered) into usable formats for clinical care. It offers a simpler contracting framework and since it’s a cloud-based managed solution run on InterSystems private, secure cloud, so customers don’t have to tie up IT resources.
Q4. Doesn’t TEFCA take care of connections to national networks?
Yes and no. TEFCA, the US Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, provides governance and guidance on how data is accessed and used across national networks. TEFCA was created to address the challenges posed by information gaps in national health information networks. However, providers continue to grapple with managing connections to multiple networks, handling diverse care documents, and ensuring that the data retrieved is meaningful and usable for informed decision-making
Q5. How can my organization benefit from the InterSystems Health Gateway?
  1. Simplified Interoperability: The service provides quick access to comprehensive patient data through modern APIs, eliminating the need to negotiate multiple agreements and simplifying operational management.
  2. Better, Safer Patient Care: Access to more complete data reduces safety gaps like overlooked medication allergies. It supports improved care coordination and transitions, allowing healthcare organizations to leverage aggregated data for all treatment use cases.
  3. Real-time Data Access: The solution connects to national networks, delivering patient data in near real-time, relieving administrative burdens and eliminating delays in accessing health records.
Q6. How does the service ensure patient health records are usable and accessible?
The service offers a variety of options for viewing and using patient health records. You can embed a clinician-friendly viewer, which presents data in a clinician-friendly longitudinal format, into your EMR or other clinical application. Additionally, you can receive records as individual & consolidated C-CDA documents, or as HL7® FHIR® bundles for use in clinical apps or your EMR. This versatility ensures that care providers can access and interact with patient data in the formats best suited to their needs and workflows, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness when delivering care.
Q7. How can we get started?
The first step is to find the right partner.
InterSystems has been a leader in digital health since its inception. We understand the complexity of healthcare data and the importance of seamless data exchange across various systems and platforms. Our expertise in health data interoperability ensures that organizations can easily integrate and access comprehensive patient data, improving care coordination and operational efficiency. By partnering with InterSystems, organizations benefit from a trusted solution provider, as well as dedicated reliable and efficient health IT solutions.

With InterSystems Health Gateway, your clinicians get the information they need to deliver the best possible care, in the format that makes sense to them, with a single agreement and a single connection to simplify the management burden on your organization.

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*National Library of Medicine
***Available in the U.S. only

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