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Streamline Clinical Workflows, Reduce Errors, and Improve Patient Outcomes with InterSystems TrakCare

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Eliminate Best-of-Breed EHR Inefficiencies and Shortcomings

Growing numbers of hospitals and healthcare systems rely on unified EHR solutions to improve care

An independent study of nearly 2000 healthcare delivery organizations found 73% of hospitals now use single-vendor EHR systems, while only 27% still use so-called “best-of-breed” EHR systems.² Unified EHR and health information platforms like InterSystems TrakCare® simplify clinician workflows, improve patient safety and satisfaction, increase business agility and insights, and eliminate the inherent cost and complexity of best-of-breed EHR solutions.

Single EHR environments are fundamentally efficient

Best-of-breed EHR solutions are clinical applications that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of particular medical disciplines. Surgeons, obstetricians, oncologists and other specialists are often accustomed to and prefer these narrowly focused tools. But a specialized solution is not always the best solution. Multivendor EHR environments are notoriously inefficient and fraught with drawbacks.

With a fragmented, multivendor EHR environment:

  • Clinicians lack full access to a patient’s health record and may overlook indications of diseases and disorders.
  • Doctors lack a cohesive view of the patient journey (history, results, allergies, etc.), which can adversely affect diagnosis and treatment plans, and result in duplicate tests and unnecessary expenses for the patient.
  • Clinicians need to open several screens in multiple applications, which can lead to the selection of the wrong patient and/or the display of wrong information.
  • Clinicians must re-enter patient information into multiple systems, which squanders valuable time and can lead to data-entry errors and patient safety risks.
  • Each clinical application has a different look and feel, and potentially a unique set of logon credentials, which further impacts clinician productivity and quality of experience, and contributes to burnout.
Independent study of 1900 hospitals¹

Single EHR environments streamline hospital operations

A best-of-breed approach also impairs workflows and visibility for healthcare administrators, hospital operations staff, and business professionals. Patient information, including social data, is maintained in multiple systems, which creates overhead, complicates analysis and reporting, and leads to coding errors, billing mistakes, claims delays, and potential compliance violations. Consumables and medicines are managed in multiple systems, opening the door for inventory overstock and unnecessary expenditures. And valuable business information is scattered across different systems making it difficult for hospital administrators to make fully informed, data-driven decisions.

- Arun Gill, Signify Research ³

InterSystems TrakCare optimizes business processes and clinical workflows, and improves decision-making

InterSystems TrakCare connects care teams across the healthcare ecosystem, making it easy to share information across facilities, organizations, and disciplines; improving safety, compliance, and patient satisfaction. Much more than just an EHR system, the fully integrated solution includes a comprehensive set of unified clinical, administrative, revenue cycle management, and departmental products with a common look and feel, and a single data repository.

TrakCare eliminates the inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and safety risks of traditional siloed multi-vendor EHR environments. The comprehensive InterSystems solution delivers all the fundamental features and functions required for individual disciplines, providing feature parity with best-of-breed clinical solutions. The wide-ranging solution also helps hospital administrators and business professionals streamline workflows, increase insights, and improve decision-making.

TrakCare unifies and optimizes clinician workflows, and provides a holistic view of a patient’s health information, including medical history, diagnoses, treatments, medications, lab results, and other relevant data, improving clinician productivity and effectiveness while reducing risk. The modular solution portfolio includes a wide array of integrated applications for ultimate flexibility and choice.

TrakCare Benefits for CIOs
TrakCare helps IT organizations simplify operations and reduce expenses. With a unified EHR and health information platform, CIOs can:
  • Lower total cost of ownership by consolidating IT infrastructure and containing recurring operations expenses
  • Minimize ongoing product administration, support, training, maintenance, upgrade, testing, and supplier management burdens by collapsing silos and leveraging a single vendor with a single point-of-contact for all EHR functions
  • Improve business agility and respond to executive directives and compliance mandates more quickly by avoiding system integration complexity

Next Steps

Multivendor EHR blindspots and inefficiencies can hinder clinician productivity and impair patient care. Trakcare can help you streamline clinical workflows, eliminate redundancies and errors, and improve patient outcomes To learn more, please visit

Not convinced a unified EHR solution will fully meet your clinicians’ needs? InterSystems can help you perform a feature comparison to identify any gaps and develop a plan of action.

Not ready to move to a single-vendor EHR solution? Rest assured InterSystems is a market leader in interoperability and connecting solutions, and TrakCare can easily integrate with third-party solutions if a composable solution architecture will best meet the needs of your organization.

1- High-Acuity CIS Battle Ground: Best-of-Breed vs EHR, February 2023

2 - Single-Vendor Electronic Health Record Use Is Associated With Greater Opportunities for Organizational and Clinical Care Improvements, Hanadi Y. Hamidi PhD, MHA, et al, Mayo Clinic Proceedings: Innovations, Quality & Outcomes, Volume 6, Issue 3, June 2022

3 - High-Acuity CIS Battle Ground: Best-of-Breed vs EHR, February 2023

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