Highlights from the 2017 Solution Developers Conference

The Solution Developers Conference is the largest of three conferences at InterSystems Global Summit, and doesn’t end when the attendees leave to return home; it is merely the beginning.

Unlike the Technology Leadership Conference and the Healthcare Leadership Conference at Global Summit, which are geared toward the executives whose teams use InterSystems products and solutions, the Solution Developers Conference is designed specifically for developers working directly with the products. They’re the ones “in the trenches” using our technologies day after day—and they come with questions, suggestions, and a hunger to get their hands on new products and code.

The Solution Developers Conference is comprised of three segments: breakout sessions, the Tech Exchange, and the Unconference. The Tech Exchange is the central location where customers and InterSystems employees meet to engage in inspiring, and creative discussions. The Tech Exchange is comprised of the Experience Lab, the Developer Zone, HealthCare Connected Journey and Learning Service. Combined, these experiences give attendees in technical roles the opportunity to connect with their peers. It’s an opportunity to listen to our customers and partners about their experiences, encourage them to set the conference agenda, and start dialogues with us and with one another that continue long after the conference has ended.

This year was particularly exciting with the introduction of InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™. InterSystems IRIS relates to our core design philosophy; that software should be Interoperable, Reliable, Intuitive and Scalable – the four key attributes our team and customers believe are required in a data platform for organizations to effectively create data-centric solutions. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of buzz around InterSystems IRIS.

Key Conference Takeaways

  • Strong interest in InterSystems IRIS – Our customers had a keen desire to learn more about InterSystems IRIS and the event gave us an opportunity to answer their questions face-to-face. They were specifically interested in the InterSystems IRIS Spark Connector demo and how it connects with Apache Spark™. They were also interested in our InterSystems Cloud Manager demo, which showed them how to quickly provision and manage cloud deployments. It was exciting to hear their feedback and experience their reactions.
  • Peer discussions add value – The Solution Developers Conference was defined by the engaging conversations happening between all attendees (including the InterSystems team). No topic seemed to be off-limits and discussions covered everything from the Unstructured Data, HTAP, Horizontal and Vertical Scalability, IoT, Big Data Capabilities, native cloud deployment and how to manage or secure it to cloud containers.
  • Breaking the traditional conference model is the new standard at the Solution Developer Conference – The Unconference continued to be a popular venue for peers to interact without an agenda or presentations. The attendees enjoyed talking about topics of their choice, such as Potential New Projects with InterSystems IRIS, Sharding and Source Code Management, and exchanging ideas.

It was motivating to hear attendees engaged in discussions that spanned market segments and all levels of technology. We look forward to continuing the conversations underway and facilitating more between our customers. If you attended Global Summit 2017 and missed a session or could not attend the event and want to listen to the Solution Developer Conference, please visit Learning.InterSystems.com

Andreas Dieckow

Andreas Dieckow is a Principal Product Manager in the Systems Development department, focusing on InterSystems IRIS Data Platform. He works closely with customers and InterSystems staff to ensure that InterSystems IRIS provides the performance and functionality that meets the needs of professional application developers. 

Prior to joining InterSystems in 1992, Dieckow worked as a Developer and Technical Director for GEC GmbH in Germany.

Dieckow studied Computer Science and Economy at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany.

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