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What can you do with the right digital health foundation?

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Automating Performance Measurement

Process improvements save time and money. Higher quality scores correlate with better outcomes. Manual chart review for performance measurement is said to cost the US $15B per year. See how a digital health foundation can help you automate and improve your quality scores and enhance the bottom line.
Healthcare Payers
NYC-based Healthfirst uses the clinical data from their provider network to monitor quality, measure performance, and as a source of numerator and denominator.
FHIR Transformation
Track metrics and outcomes in real-time by connecting to multiple systems of record, leveraging InterSystems FHIR Services to process relevant health data with complex logic in a lightweight, efficient manner.
Prior Authorizations
Prior authorization — the process by which health insurers determine whether they cover clinical services before someone receives them — has long been a burden for patients, providers, and payers.

Targeting Health Interventions

Care gaps and untreated illness are costly for everyone, while gaps in insight hinder effective strategic and tactical planning. Explore the ways a digital health foundation helps to reveal unmet care needs, precisely target interventions to the right population cohorts, capture market share, and reduce financial risk.
Rhodes Group
Rhodes Group is aiming to help the state of New Mexico improve the care it delivers by streamlining a patient's Hepatitis-C treatments through the use of a FHIR-powered analytics solution.
Greater Houston Healthconnect
Greater Houston Healthconnect leverages its interoperable network to access complete medical histories and deliver critical patient information into providers’ clinical workflows when they needed it most.
IDC Technology Spotlight
Healthcare organizations need clean, actionable data. A single longitudinal patient record that integrates financial, clinical, behavioral, social, and human services is required to manage high-risk patients.
Healthix, based in New York City, empowers healthcare organizations to identify and analyze discrepancies between best practices and actual healthcare services delivered, focusing on HEDIS gaps.

Optimizing Provider Network Management

A health plan’s greatest asset is its provider network. A great network is not only driving member satisfaction and cost-effective care but it’s critical for maintaining network adequacy. See how robust provider data management supports your key strategic decisions and insurance product offerings.
Fact Sheet
Provider data management is the foundation for better consumer experience and managing the complexities of provider relationships
IDC Research
25% turnover of providers annually results in data inaccuracy and a poor customer experience. IDC shares 4 key point to help create a better provider directory.
IDC Research
InterSystems is positioned in the Major Players category in this IDC MarketScape for provider data management for payers software in the U.S. market for 2022.

Modernizing Integrations

In a time of acute staffing shortages, moving mission critical functions like system integrations to the cloud just makes sense. Explore the benefits of a robust and scalable modern cloud based Integration engine.
HealthShare Health Connect
Learn how InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect helped one of the top 3 integrated delivery networks (IDNs) achieve smooth data migration and maximize value.
Four Customer Success Stories
InterSystems technology helps with bridging EMRs, better care decisions, innovations in telehealth and remote care, business growth and preparing for the future.
InterSystems HealthShare Health Connect Cloud will boost interoperability and integrate care to help deliver on the NHS Long Term Plan

Creating Digital Health Solutions

Digital health solution developers must keep up with interoperability standards like FHIR, complex regulations and privacy rules, along with the vagaries of healthcare data. With a healthcare data platform that takes care of the complexities, you can get your products to market more quickly.
Hospital at Home
HealthShare Health Connect and FHIR interfaces help establish the Hospital at Home, connecting in-home monitoring devices and a phone app to report current data to the hospital EMR.
Baxter International
Traci Reed, shares how her professional work and personal events inspire her to improve the delivery of care, harnessing the power of data from Baxter devices.
eConsult's mobile consultation platform is improving the delivery and efficiency of primary, emergency, and outpatient care in the UK's National Health Service
Yellow Lunch Box
Transforming an existing paper-based method into a digital solution built on InterSystems IRIS for Health, uniting the patients, family, and the care community.
Migrate to InterSystems IRIS
About InterSystems
In the U.S., InterSystems technology connects:
26% of the hospitals hosting 58% of the total beds
2,300 EHR instances and over 8,300 other clinical information system
113 million patient records through regional information networks
The largest Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in the United States rely on InterSystems technology to manage the storage, processing, and sharing of their clinical data. Our technology is deployed in all the top 10 best hospitals in the United States (U.S. News & World Report).

Globally, more than 1 billion patient records are managed by InterSystems.

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