Extending the value of InterSystems’ products


InterSystems Zen™ technology enables you to easily build complex, data-rich Web applications that have highly responsive and rich user interfaces. An extension of Zen technology – Zen Mojo – enables you to rapidly build web applications for mobile devices by leveraging popular third party client-side libraries, ensuring a state of the art user experience.

Regardless of the platform your applications run on, Zen technology’s unique object-oriented architecture ensures the utmost in application performance and security.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Fast development of faster apps

Zen technology is an implementation of AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) that has been extended to take advantage of our object technology. Every Zen page is an object, with built-in security and session management. At runtime, Zen pages share their object model with both the client and data server, which enables much faster response times to queries or requests for data.

The result is that Zen applications are quick to build, and run with the lightning speed you expect from solutions built with our technology.

Component-based development

You can quickly and easily create a Web interface for your breakthrough applications by including Zen components in your Web page definition.

Zen components are pre-built class definitions that contain all the server code, client code, and style sheets for various components of a Web interface. Our extensive library of components includes everything from standard HTML control types (input boxes, buttons, etc.) to data-rich components (grids, charts, meters, etc.) that can update dynamically in response to user actions. All Zen components support a set of properties that control look and feel, so you can easily customize components to fit your needs. In addition it is simple to create new Zen components.

Zen components can be rendered in HTML5, making them suitable for use with mobile devices.

Developing for mobile devices

Based on Zen, Zen Mojo is a new technology used to develop Web-based applications for mobile and desktop environments. Zen Mojo is designed to be a lightweight, efficient framework predicated on JSON and leveraging state-of-the-art technology for client-side UI development.

Applications built with Zen Mojo use a Single Page Architecture, only contacting the server when necessary. Instead of generating HTML that is shipped to the client, the server transmits metadata necessary for the client to render new content. This metadata drives the layout of the page and includes all the display data as well. This is a very efficient approach and gives developers full control over content at all times.