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Exceed Customer Expectations
Achieve customer personalization, prevent fraud, reduce churn, and accelerate
credit approval with predictive analytics built on high-quality, integrated data
from all of your enterprise data sources.
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A Faster, Easier Way to Create a 360-Degree View of Customers
To maintain competitiveness and grow revenue, financial services firms are making a significant investment in developing customer 360 capabilities, so they can deliver personalized customer experiences, predict churn, and prevent fraud. To ensure the success of these initiatives, firms need access to customer data spread across data warehouses, data lakes, CRM applications, and other silos, in real time.

InterSystems makes it faster and easier to create and maintain a complete 360-degree view of customers. Our next-generation approach to data management, leveraging a smart data fabric architecture, connects data across internal and external systems and applications without disrupting existing infrastructure.

The InterSystems Difference

Simplifies Data Access
Integrates real-time data from customer transactions, loan payments, deposits and withdrawals, along with historical data, CRM data, and external data–transforming these data into a unified format to feed predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Fast, Secure, Reliable
Accesses, integrates, and transforms data as it’s being requested in a secure, low latency environment, built on a data platform designed for high-performance mission-critical applications.
Complements existing infrastructure, providing a non-disruptive layer that connects and accesses information from legacy systems and applications via a smart data fabric.

About Customer 360 for Financial Services

Customer 360 for Financial Services is powered by a smart data fabric approach, providing firms of all sizes and in all sectors with a better, faster, and easier way to deliver benefits to the business.

Rather than duplicating data and creating yet another silo through complex ETL processes that need manual customization and introduce latencies, it lets the data reside in the source systems, where it's accessed on demand, as required, ensuring the information is both current and accurate.
InterSystems IRIS for Customer 360 for Financial Services Firms

Key Benefits

Personalized Customer Experience
  • Empower advisors, help desk, and support teams to provide customers with immediate answers and recommendations.
  • Optimize customer-facing digital channels to deliver personalized content and offers.
Increased Revenue
  • Maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by predicting customer behavior with AI and ML models based on customer history and third-party data.
  • Incorporate rapidly changing external data, such as changing credit scores, loan-to-credit ratios, and other spending patterns, to improve lending performance.
Reduced Churn
  • Predict customers at risk of churning, so appropriate corrective actions can be taken.
Increased Operational Efficiencies
  • Empower business users with the information and answers they need to make accurate decisions and provides customers with exceptional service, reducing the burden on IT.
  • Simplify access to data for non-developers, reducing manual data integration and transformation efforts by IT.
  • Automate data management processing, eliminating errors.
Why InterSystems?
InterSystems is a technology leader used by thousands of clients globally to build and run mission-critical data-intensive applications.

Banks, asset managers, and fintech firms rely on InterSystems for customer 360 use cases, to run trade order management systems, wealth management platforms, regulatory reporting engines, and for business reporting.

Supporting Innovation in
Financial Services for Decades

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