Extending the value of InterSystems’ products


InterSystems DeepSee® is a powerful analytics technology. It can be embedded in transactional systems to enable users to make decisions based on real-time analysis of structured and unstructured data.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Embedded real-time analytics

Traditionally, analytics is used with structured data, “slicing and dicing” numbers. But the traditional approach also involves creating and maintaining a data warehouse which can only provide a historical view of data.

DeepSee is embeddable software that makes it easy to enhance transactional applications to provide real-time analytics, giving users insights exactly when and where they need they them. No data warehouse is required.

Interactive dashboards

With DeepSee, application developers can rapidly build interactive dashboards that are graphical displays of key performance indicators. Since these dashboards are embedded within transactional applications, DeepSee makes it easy for users to access vital information.

Combined analysis of structured and unstructured data

When you combine DeepSee with InterSystems iKnow technology, unstructured data can be analyzed along with structured data. (For example: Does the number of “favorable” tweets correspond to increased sales?) Also, insights gleaned from unstructured data can add context and a deeper understanding to your analyses. (For example: According to police reports, what concepts occur most frequently in write-ups of motorcycle accidents?)

What's new & how to

DeepSee comes with Caché and Ensemble, and shares their release schedule.