Unified data platform for retail and logistics.

Software for Optimizing Supply Chains

InterSystems IRIS® data platform integrates and complements your existing application infrastructure to enable better decision-making, create intelligent, streamlined, end-to-end processes, and deliver accurate real-time visibility and traceability.

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Improving Resilience in Your Supply Chain

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Optimized Supply Chains

  • Gain real-time visibility across your extended supply chain
  • Create streamlined end-to-end processes that eliminate operational gaps – faster and with greater flexibility
  • Incorporate machine learning and advanced analytics for better decision making and business outcomes, including:
    • Demand forecasting
    • Inventory optimization
    • Pricing optimization
    • Staffing optimization
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InterSystems IRIS for Supply Chain & Logistics
Key Benefits

Simplifies Development

InterSystems IRIS is a complete data platform providing all of the required integration, database management, and analytics capabilities to speed and simplify a wide variety of supply chain initiatives.

Complements Existing Infrastructure

Integrates and connects applications and data silos without rip-and-replace.

Enables Agility

Delivers flexible and customizable applications that adapt to changes in networks and process flows.

Delivers Fast ROI

Results in rapid development, lower total cost of ownership, and reduced maintenance effort.

Flexible Deployment Options

Support on-premises, cloud-agnostic, hybrid, and multi-cloud development environments.

“InterSystems provides all the capabilities we need to meet our business demands, in one seamless environment. We’ve successfully developed and implemented a number of projects. As a result, IT has become a trusted strategic partner to CFAO’s business units.”

Anthony Gillaizeau, IT Manager
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“Many customers who trust us with their freight depend on precise and current delivery information for the planning of their company activities. This is why it is important to us that they receive the time status for their delivery.”

Rumen Lilov
eBusiness Development Manager, MSC
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“In like-for-like tests, the InterSystems Data Platform performed better every time. It allows us to offer solutions that customers believe will deliver them a competitive edge.”

Nick Abbott
Technical Director, Chess Logistics
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Digital transformation for retail and logistics.

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