Extending the value of InterSystems’ products


Most of the information in the world exists in unstructured forms such as text. (The exact percentage is unknown, but is frequently quoted as being about 80%.) When people can explore and analyze such data they can make better-informed, and therefore better, decisions.

InterSystems iKnow is unique technology for text exploration that enables you to gain insight from unstructured data and use it to enrich your solutions. iKnow is different because it uses a “bottom up” approach to text exploration, discovering concepts and relations within the text itself. With iKnow technology, there is no need for the tedious – and limiting – process of predefining dictionaries or ontologies.

With iKnow, you can discover the insights hidden in your textual data, and enable users to make better decisions.

Unlock insights within unstructured data

Our unique iKnow technology identifies concepts and relationships within natural language text as they were coined by the text author. Not restricted to predefined dictionaries or ontologies created by an application developer or domain expert, iKnow provides a truly unbiased method for exploring your unstructured data.

Analyze all the data

When your physician decides on your treatment plan, he’ll take into account facts like your age, blood pressure and lab results, but also what you’ve told him about your condition, what he’s previously written in your file, and any reference letters you received from his peers. When deciding on a stock investment, you’ll consider its available financial parameters, but may also read relevant analyst reports or take your broker’s advice. In both examples, better decisions result from analyzing both structured and unstructured data.

iKnow is built into our high-performance data platform and works seamlessly with InterSystems DeepSee™ operational analytics technology, enabling you to provide users with insights based on all their data.

A smooth path to leveraging Big Data

Big Data, and particularly the unstructured part of it, can pose big problems for organizations wishing to build analytics applications that leverage all their data. Analyzing unstructured Big Data usually requires a huge investment in time, effort, and money before any benefits are realized.

With its unique bottom-up approach to text exploration, iKnow technology eliminates almost all the up-front work, starts delivering value from day one, and provides a smooth path to making better decisions.