November 29, 2021 – Alert HS2021-04: Data stored in Unified Care Record may fail to transfer to Health Insight in specific circumstances when the MAXLEN is exceeded.

InterSystems has corrected a defect that may result in missing data in Health Insight.

This problem exists for:

  • HealthShare Health Insight version 2021.1 only

This defect occurs only in very specific circumstances when data is transferred from Unified Care Record into Health Insight, but if the failure occurs, no error is logged, so all Health Insight 2021.1 customers are strongly encouraged to obtain the correction.

Details of the circumstances under which this defect may occur are contained in the attached document: HS-2021-04 Alert Communication

The correction for this defect is identified as HSHI-5353 and HSHI-5627. This correction is available as an ad hoc or full kit distribution from the InterSystems Worldwide Response Center.  The correction will be included in all future product releases of Health Insight.