June 30, 2020 – Advisory: ODS Not Storing Observations When Terminology Translations Are Used

InterSystems has corrected a defect that may be experienced if a terminology mapping profile is in use for Observations. The Operational Data Store (ODS) does not correctly process the terminology translation. As a result, no streamlet or FHIR resource is stored in the ODS for the affected Observation.  Once the fix is applied, there is no conversion task or backload required; the next time an affected record is queried via the ODS, the correct data will be returned.

This issue has been classified as a Patient Safety Risk as it affects the availability of patient data.

This problem exists for:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record 2019.1 and 2019.1.2

The correction for this defect is identified as dev key MCZ114 and will be included in all product releases starting with HealthShare 2019.2 and later. It is also available via Adhoc change file (patch) or full kit distribution from the Worldwide Response Center (WRC).

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the WRC.