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p-15-healthcareWhen does choosing an integration platform become a strategic decision? For Homecare Homebase, an InterSystems application partner, it was when its legacy integration engine could not keep pace with the demand for new interfaces and maintenance of existing ones. Homecare Homebase is a rapidly growing provider of a cloud-based solution for the clinical, operational, and financial needs of home health care organizations.

The company needed a faster way to integrate its solution and enable interoperability across the diverse software environments found at customer sites, and with health information exchanges those customers use. And it needed a solution that would also ensure HIPAA-compliance and strong security.

“Every new customer software environment posed a new set of challenges,” recalls Matt Cassaro, Vice President of Technology, Homecare Homebase. “Integration was a laborious and time-consuming process.” Since many of the company’s end users deploy tablets and other mobile devices in the field, the interoperability challenges are even greater. After evaluating a number of alternatives, Homecare Homebase chose InterSystems HealthShare because of its demonstrably faster speed of development, performance, scalability, high availability, and unified design.

Interoperability is no longer a challenge for us; it’s now become a value differentiator for Homecare Homebase.

Matt Cassaro, Vice President of Technology
Homecare Homebase

A Homecare Homebase customer, Andrew Bascom, IT Director at HCR Home Care, a Rochester, NY-based home healthcare agency, explains how his vendor’s interoperability platform affects his business. “It has been a pleasure working with the integration team at Homecare Homebase. They are very responsive to any and all requests, turning things around quickly and providing answers to questions within the same day. In New York State, there are several RHIOs that we plan to integrate with over the next year, and knowing that we have a quality integration platform to rely on gives me confidence we can achieve our goals.”

With HealthShare as its strategic interoperability foundation, Homecare Homebase can respond more nimbly to the market and handle the complexities of a diverse and rapidly changing environment. “No matter what applications our customers are using, or what devices they operate in the field, we know we have a solid platform that can address all of their requirements,” notes Cassaro. “Interoperability is no longer a challenge for us; it’s become a value differentiator for Homecare Homebase.”