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TrakCare Extensions

Enhance Care Setting Capabilities with TrakCare Extensions

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Use these extensions in relevant care settings to extract even more value from TrakCare deployments.

Revenue cycle management

Provide accurate payment advice and achieve timely collections. TrakCare’s flexible, integrated revenue cycle management processes are embedded in everyday workflows from registration to claims and remittance management.

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Referral and waiting list management

Processing requests for service and equitably managing waiting lists for inpatient admissions, outpatient appointments, or surgical cases can be daunting. TrakCare helps you maximize throughput and minimize disruption with care prioritized for those needing it most. 

Medication management

Ensure that patients receive optimal therapeutic outcomes from medications and avoid preventable adverse events. Improve the accuracy, visibility, and legibility of medical information for better compliance and communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

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Mental health administration

Functionality to record, track, manage, and maintain a history of a patient’s legal status, including recording detainment for assessment or treatment, consent status, plus forms and reviews specific to government regulations.


Achieve accurate patient billing and meet reporting obligations by transforming diagnosis and procedures documented in the TrakCare record into universally recognized ICD and DRG codes. You can automate the process by integrating the popular Grouper and Encoder products. 

Medical records management

Going paperless is the vision for almost all healthcare facilities. But it doesn’t happen overnight. TrakCare helps organizations meet the particular requirements of managing historic paper medical records while transitioning to paperless for the full spectrum of healthcare settings.


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