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Financial Services

Financial firms are under intense pressure to meet constantly evolving regulatory demands, manage risk across multiple products and regions, and keep pace with expanding volumes of complex dynamic data. All while controlling technology spend and increasing productivity.

InterSystems enables leading financial institutions worldwide to develop breakthrough solutions for their most demanding challenges. We offer advanced data management, integration, and analytics – with massive scalability and performance. Our technologies power mission-critical applications like these:

  • A global equity platform that handles 15% of global equities trading volume
    … increasing throughput to 1 billion trades a day,
    while running on half the hardware as before
  • A $400B asset management firm that processes close to 500,000 compliance rules in 70 milliseconds
    … supporting analytics for pre-trade decision making,
    integrating multiple data sources to reduce operational risk
  • One of the world’s largest online brokers that scaled through 15 acquisitions
    … efficiently processing trades and managing customer accounts,
    without changes to their back-office systems

InterSystems’ advanced technologies allow you to incrementally add value to your applications without having to rewrite them. You can rapidly develop and deploy high-performance applications and integrated solutions, with proven reliability and security.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

High-performance transaction management

InterSystems’ technologies provide the best of all worlds for processing financial transactions at speed and scale – the high performance of in-memory databases with the reliability of full data persistence. We enable your applications to handle massive insertion volumes while simultaneously supporting complex queries, giving you access to live data without impacting performance.

Unifying Data for Regulatory Compliance and Risk

Financial regulators continue to add new compliance requirements around liquidity, security, customer protection, financial crime, and more. Institutions are challenged to address these controls while managing costs and productivity. But when data is spread across siloed platforms and feeds, stored in different forms, and accessed through different technologies, where do you start? With InterSystems’ data management, integration, and just-in-time analytics capabilities, you can build a strategic compliance solution that reliably integrates all your data to provide “line of sight” across your business.