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Financial Services

Financial services organizations are making breakthroughs with our advanced technologies.

Financial services companies are under intense pressure to meet evolving regulatory demands, and manage and utilize “big data”, all while staying within budget and controlling expenditures on technology. Yet, to satisfy customers and keep pace with huge (and growing) volumes of fast-changing data, they must continually enhance their operations.

You’ll make breakthroughs with our high performance database, connectivity, and analytics technologies that power mission-critical applications in leading financial institutions worldwide:

  • A real-time platform that handles 15% of the global equities trading volume
  • An order management system that can process over a billion transactions a day, running on half the hardware as a previous system
  • A trade modeling and algorithmic trading system that handles 70% of the trades at an organization managing $340 billion in assets
  • An online retail broker that scaled to incorporate 15 acquisitions without changes to their back-office system
  • An enterprise-wide data service that runs complex SQL queries in milliseconds against Terabytes of data

InterSystems’ advanced technologies allow you to incrementally add value to your applications without having to rewrite them. You can rapidly develop and deploy high-performance applications and integrated solutions, achieving business advantages in the shortest possible time.

How we help you make breakthroughs:

Execute billions of transactions a day

InterSystems’ technologies provide the performance of in-memory databases and distributed caches, but with full persistence. They are ideal for solutions such as trading systems that must reliably perform huge numbers of transactions very quickly.

Harness Big Data without disruptive change

When people need to handle Big Data, they often assume they must port all their information to a NoSQL database – and either give up the ability to perform complicated queries, or spend a huge amount of time writing custom code. But InterSystems’ advanced database, connectivity, and analytics technologies can scale to handle huge volumes of data, while still running SQL faster than relational databases. That means you can leverage your existing code and technological infrastructure as you transform your applications into Big Data solutions.

Reduce risk

Most financial services organizations have a constant need to reduce risk. Technology risk – losses that stem from a system being too slow, hanging up under heavy use, or going down completely – can be significantly reduced by the proper choice and use of a data platform. InterSystems’ technologies have performance and scalability to spare, require less hardware and administration than other data platforms, and offer cost-effective options for achieving high availability.