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Advisory: When Transformed into SDA, Planned Acts Do Not Contain Status and Effective Time

This problem affects the following products:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record: all versions
  • HealthShare Health Connect: all versions
  • InterSystems IRIS for Health: all versions

CDA/CCDA documents can represent events that are planned to occur. For example, the Plan of Treatment CCDA 2.1 section is described as “contains data that define pending orders, interventions, encounters, services, and procedures for the patient. It is limited to prospective, unfulfilled, or incomplete orders and requests only.”

These Plan of Care/Treatment entries, when received in the CDA/CCDA, can be imported into SDA as an OtherOrder, Document, Appointment Streamlet(s), Procedure Streamlet(s), Medication Streamlet(s) or Goal Streamlet(s) depending on the type of information received in the “Plan of Care” and “Assessment and Plan” section of a C32/CCDA1.1 Document or a “Plan of Treatment” and “Assessment and Plan” section of a CCDA2.1 document.

Currently HealthShare does not record the effectiveTime or Status for such planned entries in the SDA. A clinical safety risk arises when for example, a procedure is planned but not yet ordered; no ‘status’ is recorded in SDA. When the planned date has passed the system simply displays the date with no indication that the procedure (or other event) has actually occurred.

A fix is not yet available for this issue.

Affected customers may contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center (WRC) for assistance regarding this advisory and reference HSIEC-6954.

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