Information security and privacy are forefront concerns for InterSystems Corporation and its affiliates. The following methods of communication include technological and administrative safeguards sufficient to support a secure communication between InterSystems and a discloser of protected Confidential Information.

For Supplying Files Related to Support Issues…

  1. WRC DIRECT: InterSystems Worldwide Response Center through WRC Direct at URL When attaching a confidential attachment, please note the presence of protected information by enabling the “Elevated Security” option. Attachments with “Elevated Security” enabled can only be accessed by the agents directly involved with a Support Case.
  2. TRC ONLINE: InterSystems TrakCare Response Center through TRC Online at URL

For transferring data disconnected from a Support Issue…

Encrypted material can be delivered to InterSystems through a variety of channels without compromising the security of the encrypted materials. The transmission of the key must be controlled so as to prevent disclosing the key to an audience with access to the encrypted file. For this reason, we suggest communicating encryption passwords by phone or text message. Never send the key/password in the same transmission as the encrypted file (avoid “leaving the key in the lock”).

In addition to the security of the channel, it is also necessary for a discloser to ensure the recipient is authorized to receive the communication. Secure disclosures can be made to InterSystems personnel (i) identifying themselves as an employee of InterSystems, (ii) using a communication channel operated by InterSystems (such as calling the recipient through InterSystems general receptions, or sending email to their InterSystems email address), and (iii) stating the potential for such sensitive information in the disclosed material.