November 3, 2015 – Alert: Large ODBC Query Results Incomplete

InterSystems has corrected a defect with the Caché ODBC driver that can result in incomplete query results. The problem can occur when the total size of all rows returned would exceed 4KB. There is no indication that the failure has occurred. Results greater than 4KB are truncated.

This defect exists only in the Caché ODBC driver that is distributed with versions 2015.2.0 and 2015.2.1 of Caché, Ensemble, and HealthShare. The risk is present for all platforms and operating systems.

The corrections for this defect are identified as JCN1662 and JCN1665. They will be included in all future releases of Caché, Ensemble, and HealthShare.

Caché ODBC drivers are designed to be upward and backward compatible. Until corrected Caché ODBC drivers for 2015.2 are available, drivers from older versions can be used to avoid this issue. Drivers for older versions are available in the download area of the Worldwide Response Center (WRC) application.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, or need assistance with obtaining and installing drivers, please contact the Worldwide Response Center.