December 3, 2020 – Advisory: Moving to IRIS-based Health Connect or IRIS for Health from HSAP when there was a prior HealthShare kit

InterSystems has identified an issue for Windows users who convert from an Ensemble-based HSAP kit to an IRIS-based Health Connect or IRIS for Health kit, who previously had a HealthShare kit.

This problem exists for:

  • Any Ensemble-based Health Connect instance running on Windows that was converted from a full HealthShare kit (likely Information Exchange) to a HealthShare Health Connect (HSAP) kit.

As background, in order to convert an Ensemble-based Health Connect or HealthShare for Application Partners (HSAP) product to an IRIS-based version like IRIS-based Health Connect or IRIS for Health, you must be on an HSAP kit rather than a full HealthShare kit.  In the past, customers could be on either type of kit.  If you are on an Ensemble-based HealthShare kit, you must first convert to an Ensemble-based HSAP kit before moving to an IRIS-based Health Connect or IRIS for Health kit. The move from a HealthShare kit to an HSAP kit may have left behind certain keys in the Windows Registry which must be removed before you attempt to convert to an IRIS-based kit. If you fail to remove the keys, your conversion will fail, because the installer will fail to find the instance.

Because a HealthShare to HSAP conversion may have occurred in the past, all customers attempting to convert from HSAP to IRIS should carefully follow the instructions in the InterSystems IRIS In-Place Conversion Guide which can be found on the InterSystems Documents Distribution site. This document includes instructions on how to resolve this Windows Registry issue as part of the conversion process. In particular, see Step 20 of Section 1, “Performing Pre-Conversion Tasks”, and Appendix F, “Converting a Health Connect/HSAP Instance That Was Previously Upgraded from a Full HealthShare Instance”.

If you have any questions regarding this advisory, please contact the Worldwide Response Center (WRC)