Santorso Hospital

The new Santorso Hospital in Santorso, Italy provides healthcare and social services within the local health unit, ULSS 4, Alto Vicentino of the Veneto region. The hospital has an innovative vision, based on patient-centered care, that makes it one of the most advanced healthcare organizations in Italy.

Instead of the traditional model where patients are moved to specialist functions offered by individual departments, the hospital has adopted a new patient-centered care methodology.  Based on the intensity of care required, the patient goes to, and stays in a multi-disciplinary ward where resources can be concentrated to provide the best possible care, while increasing the efficiency of services provided. This transformation has been made possible by InterSystems’ advanced technologies that make it easier for care providers and administrators within the hospital and across the community to share patient information and collaborate.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidated patient record
  • Internet-based interface
  • Improved quality of care

Santorso Hospital’s partnership with InterSystems has been crucial to their success. The hospital has implemented the TrakCare unified healthcare information system for emergency, laboratory, radiology, consulting, pharmacotherapy, triage, discharges, and patient workflows, with plans to implement additional TrakCare capabilities for day care, electronic referrals, attendance lists, and the ambulatory and intervention areas.

InterSystems’ ARIES methodology for rapidly implementing complex large-scale enterprise software systems provided Santorso Hospital with an iterative approach that led to rapid adoption. The Italian edition of TrakCare enabled Santorso Hospital to quickly implement a system that meets their requirements without costly and time-consuming software customization.

With TrakCare’s Electronic Patient Record, Santorso Hospital can offer high quality services, which leverage and strengthen its connection with the community and the relationships between patients and clinicians. The system provides a full range of clinical, administrative, laboratory, and community care capabilities, unified by a single data repository, to help staff make the best choices for patients.

TrakCare’s Internet-based interface allows the healthcare professionals of Santorso Hospital to access the Electronic Patient Record from anywhere they have Internet access. This also ensures seamless interoperability with any Internet-enabled device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. TrakCare’s single database lowers clinical risk, while allowing faster systems implementation, lower costs, and easier maintenance.

TrakCare gives each of our care providers access to a consolidated patient record with up-to-date information across departments so they can make more informed decisions. This is enabling us to implement new models of healthcare that deliver higher quality of care.

Dr. Enzo Rizzato, Project Manager
Santorso Hospital

Because all patient information is immediately available from a single source, medical staff can make faster and better decisions which improve the quality of care. For example, thanks to TrakCare clinicians get real-time information about bed availability, what medications their patients are taking, the potential for drug interactions, whether patients suffer from any specific allergies, and details of their ongoing care process. The system also offers decision support so clinicians can verify the effectiveness and efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic protocols as well as the cost of each patient’s treatment.

The new system also enhances the control and accountability that clinical staff have concerning decisions they make about patients, with any changes, irregularities, or emergencies immediately reported back to them. This has led to a greater sense of responsibility and, because the system saves time and controls costs by eliminating duplicate tests and other redundancies, staff can focus their attention on patients.

More patient benefits are expected in the future. Personal data will only need to be entered into the system once, reducing the rate of errors and eliminating time wasted re-entering data. This will also improve the quality of the care experience, with no more need for patients to carry around previous medical reports or tests, thus ensuring their privacy both inside and outside the hospital.

TrakCare not offered in the United States.