The DX Platform:
A Framework for the Intelligent Core

IDC Report: The DX Framework-A Framework for the Intelligent Core
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This report looks at the role the Intelligent Core will play in digital transformation, and can help you with your planning and execution efforts.

IDC believes that enterprises that can “re-architect for scale using the DX platform approach will stand out as most likely to be “digitally transformed” over the next three to five years and emerge as a digital-native enterprise in that time frame. The DX platform is data driven: so an intelligent core constitutes the heart of
this system.

Key Takeaways
• The intelligent core will require a new architecture based on the premise of comprehensive awareness, human decision maker augmentation, and machine decision-making automation.
• The intelligent core must serve the needs of customers, partners, and the enterprise apps and services. The new core is inevitably dynamic, value seeking, and makes use of sophisticated integration and machine intelligent technologies. The intelligent core must allow for comprehensive information governance and powerful data management based on diverse set of specialized technologies.

Download the IDC Report


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