The best performers always seem to make the complex and difficult look easy. And so it is with hotels. The straightforward process of booking and staying in a hotel is supported by a highly complex structure of information and transactions – all of which is mission critical because if something goes wrong, the guest won’t return.

A Singapore owned group of deluxe hotels, Duxton Hotels International, manages leading properties in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand. So far, two of their hotels, both in New Zealand, have chosen to run their operations on Phoenix Hotel Manager from Clarity NZ.


Built on the principles of simplicity, reliability and powerful functionality, Phoenix Hotel Manager holds over 40% market share in New Zealand. It offers front office and reservation management, housekeeping, accounting services, management reporting and integration with Phoenix Reservations Online for internet bookings. The architecture is based on InterSystems’ post-relational database, Caché, which meets the high performance and low maintenance requirements of the hotel industry.

For a hotel, where customer service is everything, the right management software is a powerful asset, enabling them to anticipate and respond to guests’ requirements in a seamless fashion.

With experience gained from several hotel management applications, Suresh Subramaniam, Front Office Manager at Duxton Hotel, Auckland had clear expectations. ” Above and beyond the standard features, we needed three key attributes: high reliability, easy development of customised features and ease of use. I’m pleased to say Phoenix Hotel Manager and THS have met our expectations in most areas.”

“The fact our product is based on Caché helped us to provide Duxton Hotels with significant benefits,” said Dion Jago, International Sales Manager, Clarity NZ.

With 153 rooms, Duxton is a mid-sized hotel and has 16 operators using the software on a daily basis. Importantly for the operators, Caché enabled THS to put a graphical user interface (GUI) as front-end to their previously textbased (TelNet) database. The application can be accessed using either TelNet or the new GUI, depending on user preference.

Caché offers a rapid development environment, which allows THS to develop new features, test and install quickly. “As far as the back office is concerned, one of the major benefits of Phoenix Hotel Manager is the forecasting function THS have created for us. This report allows us to predict daily occupancy, rates and revenues by market segment, using Caché’s excellent archiving capability to give us historical data for forward analysis,” said Suresh Subramaniam. In the future, Subramaniam is looking for continued development in this area, working with THS to create yield forecasts, as well.

Another major benefit to the hotel is the low hardware investment. Unlike most databases, Caché does not need a powerful dedicated server. Duxton runs all their applications on one Hewlett Packard fileserver with networked workstations. This simple configuration also reduces support complexity, most of which is carried out over the Internet.

THS also offer Phoenix Reservation Online. Reservation Online is fully automated and provides seamless integration with Hotel manager. Because of the power and scalability of Caché, two or three hotels can run on the same database with one common reservation system to be accessed by all properties. This has major implications in terms of reducing maintenance, back-up and support.

We demand the latest and most sophisticated systems available today.

John Davies, Managing Director
The Park Regency

“From our point of view, Caché has future-proofed our product and business by enabling us to write web technology into Phoenix Hotel Manager, giving us the future option of becoming an Application Service Provider (ASP),” says Dion Jago from THS. “This is an exciting possibility for our clients who can then choose to access applications as they need them, rather than taking on the reponsibility and cost of owning the software themselves.”

“In fact, the reliability of Caché is a major benefit to both our customers and us, resulting in minimal support requirements,” says Dion Jago. “Caché is very stable with minimal data corruptions. Even very large installations with hundreds of users generally don’t require a full time Database Administrator.”

For Duxton, Phoenix Hotel Manager and Caché have proven to be a winning solution, providing them with a solid foundation for their hotel, able to scale to meet both current and future requirements.

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