A shared vision, lessons learnt and benefits map for improved medications management using supportive technology to enable the realisation of benefits by eMM implementers.

A white paper developed with input from the eHealth community during CHIK’s Health-e-Nation Leadership Summit, Sydney 2014.

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Realising the Benefits from Implementation of Electronic Medications Management


Electronic Medicines Management (eMM) solutions promise to deliver compelling benefits including improvements to the safety, quality, efficiency and efficacy of health care services, however, realising benefits is a challenge that must be actively managed throughout implementation in order to achieve successful outcomes.

During CHIK’s Health-e-Nation Leadership Summit held in Sydney in March 2014, eMM subject matter experts, vendors, implementers, clinicians and senior healthcare leaders gathered in an eMM workshop to discuss the benefits of eMM and how best to realise them.

The outputs of the eMM workshop include a shared vision, benefits map and lessons learned for eMM implementations.


Electronic Medications Management (eMM) refers to the use of eHealth and other Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support the Medication Management Cycle.

The Medication Management Cycle is an iterative, complex process that incorporates the series of steps involved in providing medications to patients; each cycle relates to an episode of care. The Australian Pharmaceutical Advisory Council (APAC) have outlined the nine key steps of the cycle in detail as part of the ‘Guiding Principles to Achieve Continuity in Medication Management’ (APAC, 2005).

The cycle’s nine steps may involve different health professionals, hospital staff, suppliers, funding arrangements and, importantly the consumer and their carers. Optimising these steps and ensuring continuity across the cycle and between episodes of care is essential to ensure that medications are used safely, cost-effectively and achieve the best possible outcomes (APAC, 2005).

Australian hospitals are beginning to implement eMM systems due to its promise of significant benefits; particularly related to the safety of medications and many additional benefits to patients, clinicians and the service itself.

Read the Whitepaper:
Realising the Benefits from Implementation of Electronic Medications Management