Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Partners HealthCare System is one of the largest integrated healthcare network in the United States. It includes multiple major hospitals and more than 5,000 physicians.

“We began building applications using InterSystems’ database platform in 1994,” recalls CTO Steve Flammini. “Caché’s multidimensional data model is a logical fit for healthcare data that can be extremely complex.” The Partners HealthCare IT staff has developed and deployed nearly 800 clinical and administrative applications using InterSystems’ Caché and Ensemble products, including:

A system that provides electronic medical record (EMR) access to hundreds of community-based primary care physicians located throughout Eastern Massachusetts who are members of the Partners HealthCare Network.

A system that sends an estimated 75,000 clinical test results daily from multiple Partners HealthCare clinics and hospitals to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health with the objective of rapidly identifying and preventing outbreaks of communicable diseases.

A centralized hub for transferring messages with a genetic and/or genomic context in a standardized HL7 format between providers in the Partners HealthCare network and external clinical laboratories.

A physician’s order entry system that resulted in a 17% reduction in adverse drug reactions throughout the hospital, saving as much as $10 million annually when it was initially rolled out.

Caché and Ensemble are key to achieving our IT strategy

Steve Flammini, CTO
Partners HealthCare System

Approximately 55,000 users access Caché-based information on a 24/7 basis. “We average 8,000 concurrent users on the system,” Flammini says. “The Caché transactional database engine has the power to handle even those heavy loads at a speed that satisfies an extremely demanding user base.” Flammini points to scalability as another critical success factor for Partners HealthCare. “Caché has easily scaled to handle the expansion of our user population over the years,” he notes. Caché currently handles 26 billion databases accesses per day on average, with peaks of more than 30 billion per day.

“Caché and Ensemble are key to achieving our IT strategy,” says Flammini, “and we enjoy working closely with InterSystems in what has become a very successful business partnership.

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