Operationalizing “Machine Learning”- Experiences From the Field

Hear from ASPIAG, a division of SPAR Austria, a food retail chain with more than 3,100 stores, about their experiences mining and analyzing their production data for insights that can benefit the business, and putting those insights into action. The video will include challenges, lessons learned, and next steps.


Gerd Karnitschnig is the IT department manager for ASPIAG (Austria SPAR International AG) Holding in Widnau, Switzerland. He leads a virtual team of more than 20 Caché/IRIS programming specialists, who are located in the headquarters of the SPAR-Austria countries. ASPIAG developed the software application “IMAge” (Integrated Management Application for Grocery Enterprises), a major component of the entire IT landscape in the SPAR Group.

Presenter: Gerd Karnitschnig, Head of Software Solutions, Austria SPAR International AG (ASPIAG)

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