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LifePoint Informatics‚ a leading provider of software that connects clinical laboratories and hospitals to clients‚ recently migrated their flagship product‚ InfoHub‚ from the InterSystems Caché® database to InterSystems Ensemble®. By enhancing InfoHub with Ensemble’s interfacing capabilities‚ LifePoint achieved a significant increase in productivity.

Move to Ensemble Enhances Productivity at LifePoint InformaticsWhen deployed in a hospital or laboratory‚ InfoHub needs to communicate with multiple existing systems within the organization. Before moving to Ensemble‚ LifePoint would custom-build most of the necessary message queues. “Maintaining all those custom message queues was becoming inefficient‚” says Preston Law‚ Chief  Technical Officer at LifePoint. “It was fine when we only had five customers – now we have over two hundred.”

LifePoint realized that if they wanted to do integration‚they needed to use an integration platform. Since they were already an InterSystems customer‚ it made sense that they would choose Ensemble. “InterSystems has always been a true partner‚ not just a vendor‚” says Law.

Law was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make the switch to Ensemble. “We had planned to take baby steps‚” he says‚ “but we soon realized that wasn’t necessary. One big advantage to using Ensemble is that with InterSystems Enterprise Cache Protocol we can run the two versions of InfoHub side-by-side. That allows us to do any testing our customers desire to prove the functionality of the new Ensemble-based system.”

Over the past two years we’ve grown our business by 40%‚ without having to increase staffing. That’s one of the main benefits we’ve seen from using Ensemble.

Preston Law, Chief Technical Officer
LifePoint Informatics

As they migrate customers to the Ensemble-based version of InfoHub‚ LifePoint is seeing significant productivity gains. “Troubleshooting is much easier‚” says Law. “Ensemble is designed to do interfacing and messaging. It has a built-in repository where every message that flows through the system is stored. Ensemble makes it easy to pinpoint problems and fix them.” Law reports that the activity of resetting interfaces has been reduced from a full-time job to a task that requires only one hour per week.

Key Benefits

  • Productivity
  • Reliability
  • Partnership

“Ensemble has allowed us to focus on growing our AppKit product line and get EHR integrations moving faster. Over the past two years we’ve grown our business by 40%‚ without having to increase staffing. Those are the main benefits we’ve seen from using Ensemble‚” he says.

More benefits are to come‚ in the form of new features. LifePoint plans to enhance InfoHub with Ensemble dashboards that will securely expose portions of LifePoint’s function library to users. “For example‚” Law explains‚ “we can give users the ability to run some of their own reports. There are new security features within Ensemble that will make it possible.”

Would Law recommend that other application providers migrate their solutions to Ensemble? “Absolutely‚” he says. “It’s a connected world‚ and modern software solutions need to integrate with others. Ensemble is the right platform for making applications connectable.”

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