In order to adapt to norms defined by the State Secretaries of the Treasury and Brazil’s Internal Revenue Service, the Brazilian petroleum company Ipiranga opted for a commercial NF-e application, which needed to be integrated with their existing software systems. That decision created another big challenge: how to control all the complexity of the resulting integrated solution with ABADI (Automation of Ipiranga’s Bases and Deposits), the company’s billing system.

P-2_business-men-with-laptopIpiranga solved this issue by choosing Ensemble. According to Betsy Rabello, Ipiranga Administrative Systems Advisor, three main facets of InterSystems’ technology were fundamental to the decision: “Ensemble’s performance, robustness, and stability were beyond any doubt the product’s strong points. We have used Ensemble as our only integration platform since 2005. In addition, ABADI runs in Caché, which also influenced our decision.” she explains.

The project was concluded in approximately ten months. Ensemble made it possible to simplify NF-e application resources, transforming them into services, and isolating the application’s complexity in order to develop the integration with ABADI. “Besides generating significant savings and offering us the chance to use the SOA concept, Ensemble provided us with much faster development and allowed us to run system maintenance in a much simpler manner,” says Rabello.

Ensemble’s performance, robustness, and stability were beyond any doubt the product’s strong points.

Betsy Rabello, Administrative Systems Advisor

Ipiranga also used Ensemble technology to develop all the integrations needed to implement its Siebel CRM software. Says Rabello, “We mapped all the integrations to be developed, encompassing integrations for ERP, ABADI, the Maintenance and Equipment Management System, our Business Portal, and others. Out of a total of 33 integrations, approximately 16 services were used again, so we obtained a savings of about 50%.”

According to Eduardo Coelho, executive director of Visão Virtual, the InterSystems partner company responsible for developing the integrations in these two Ipiranga projects, these kinds of initiatives show the potential of InterSystems technology. “We would be unable to conduct these processes this way without Ensemble. Of course, you need a trained and efficient team, with technical knowledge, but the robustness and performance of this platform are impressive,” Coelho says.