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The new InterSystems Partner Programs are designed to create and support a close working relationship between InterSystems and our partners to benefit our customers.

Our programs are built over three simple stages that will help you and your company understand InterSystems culture, enable you to learn our products’ value propositions and differentiators, and provide you with tools for onboarding and supporting your team during sales activities.

  • Recruit: Based on the answers you provide on your registration form, your Partner Hub is set up with the most relevant content and resources for your organization.
  • Enable: Our playbooks guide your team to understand how our products should be offered as part of a joint solution that satisfies your customers’ business needs.
  • Manage: We continuously promote your products and services to our customers and other partners, generating new opportunities across our ecosystem.

We are here to provide sales and product support to your team and guarantee the best solution for your customers. We make it easy to learn, market, and sell with us.

Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners are consulting and service organizations that combine InterSystems products with integration and implementation services, other software, and hardware to deliver a complete solution to customers. The Partner Program is an exciting way to join with InterSystems to co-market our flagship product, InterSystems IRIS™ Data Platform, and explore options for introducing customers to other InterSystems product lines.

Solution Partners

The InterSystems Solution Partner Program is for independent software vendors that sell applications or solutions built on our advanced technologies. When you work with InterSystems, you are working with a creative data technology partner dedicated to providing more than just superior software and technical support. We are keenly aware that our success depends upon the success of our customers, so we strive to be a true business partner to every person who uses our technology.

Technology Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partners are organizations that provide complementary technologies to InterSystems products in the areas of cloud deployment, virtualization, compute, storage, backup, and more. The Technology Alliance Partner Program is designed to help our customers understand and learn from our engineering experiences in system architecture and configuration. The program is focused on helping shared customers reduce deployment time, improve performance, and maximize IT investments.

Partner  Hub

With the launch of our new Partner Programs and Partner Hub, we will continue to deliver new and improved ways to support our partners.

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