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  • Greater radiologist productivity
  • More confidence in results
  • Power and efficiency for developers

Radiologists have complex workflows that require interaction with multiple applications. The radiology information system (RIS) manages study requests. The picture archiving and communication system (PACS) manages images to be analyzed. Dictating a report, checking the transcription, and routing it back to the requesting physician usually require other systems and interfaces. When multiplied by dozens of cases per day originating from different sources, keeping track of everything is challenging, and the workload often causes a decrease in radiologist productivity. For large groups practicing across multiple imaging centers, the challenge becomes even more acute.

A platform approach to application development 

To address these challenges, Integrated Modular Systems Inc. (IMSI), a leading developer and integrator of medical imaging and healthcare technology solutions, used the InterSystems platform to create imsiVOICE-Interactive™ with Onelist™ software. The product is an application that allows radiologists to go paperless, provides access to electronic medical record (EMR) systems for aware-ness of each patient’s complete medical history, manages workflow, minimizes turnaround time for reports, and provides a single view of RIS and PACS data from multiple imaging centers.

 © - Terry Vine“The InterSystems platform simplified much of the work involved in integrating disparate systems, connecting to EMRs, using DICOM and HL7, managing the data, supporting workflows, and enabling event detection and alerting,” says John Mazur, President of IMSI. “It enabled us to focus our development effort on incorporating our radiology process and workflow expertise into the solution.”

imsiVOICE-Interactive with Onelist combines information from one or more RIS, PACS, and EMRs with wireless digital dictation and voice recognition soft-ware. The result is an interactive paperless environment that helps radiologists work through caseloads faster, with greater confidence.

The benefits of an integrated solution, on an integration platform

Development of imsiVOICE-Interactive with Onelist began when the Medical Imaging Department at Saint Anthony Hospital in Chicago approached IMSI with its vision of an ideal radiology reporting system. “Basically they wanted control of the entire reporting workflow from a single user interface,” Mazur explains. The hospital already was using IMSI’s hosted RIS, interfaced with the hospital’s PACS and EMR.  “It was easy for us, building on the InterSystems platform, to integrate the systems needed to deliver on our customer’s vision,” notes Mazur. “Then we added an interface to our wireless digital dictation system, and used the InterSystems platform to deliver results to all of the other clinical systems at the hospital.”

A complete picture of the patient

The system ties images from a PACS to the current work requests and patient information from the RIS. To those, it attaches audio files from the dictation system, and passes them to the transcribers or voice recognition software. Once the radiologist reviews and approves the report, it is routed back to the clinician who made the work request and to all other hospital systems through the InterSystems platform. Regardless of the status of any given case, or how many cases are in process, imsiVOICE-Interactive with Onelist presents the radiologist with all the information they need. The system always knows when multiple studies are open in PACS, and which of those images the radiologist is viewing and dictating on. If the radiologist is looking at the wrong image for that dictation the system will issue a warning, dramatically reducing reporting errors.

We can connect to anything and provide a single, efficient user interface.

John Mazur, President of IMSI

The system increases radiologist efficiency, as no one has to wait for paperwork. Requisition information is available immediately on opening the study in PACS, including a list of all prior studies. One click displays the prior report. Contact information for the ordering physician and clinical information from the EMR is there to ensure that the radiologist has a complete picture of each patient’s health.

Power for whatever comes next

“We gave the radiologists at Saint Anthony Hospital exactly what they wanted,” Mazur says, “and have an application that makes radiologists everywhere more efficient and confident.” Because imsiVOICE-Interactive with Onelist is based on InterSystems’ integration and database technology, IMSI can deploy it practically anywhere. “It doesn’t matter which RIS or PACS a radiologist needs to access to do his job,” Mazur says, “or even if many different ones have to be accessed. We can connect to anything and provide a single, efficient user interface.”


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