WoodWare Systems, a division of the software development company Data Communications Corporation (DCC), uses InterSystems technology to build breakthrough applications for the millwork industry. Realizing that its warehouse management module could be used by other industries, DCC launched a new division, DCC eXacTrax, to market WarehouseXT to other software value-added resellers. WoodWare chose to base WarehouseXT on InterSystems Ensemble®, a seamless platform for integration and the creation of connectable applications, because it knew the new product would need to be deployed in and connected to a wide variety of environments.

“Ensemble comes with ready-made adapters for connecting via a wide variety of technologies,” says Steve Sutton, senior systems analyst at WoodWare Systems, “and it has a toolkit for building your own if you need to. Having that flexibility made us confident that we could successfully expand into new markets.”

In fact, it was Ensemble’s ability to “speak” SQL that led in part to its selection by Goebel Fixture Company, a leading store fixture manufacturer. Goebel designs, manufactures, and installs store fixtures for luxury retailers. As it searched for a system to automate its warehouse operations, one critical requirement was the ability to interface with the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. “We evaluated several solutions,” recalls Goebel President and CEO Matthew Field. “WarehouseXT was a good fit because it could interface and provide real-time communications with our ERP system. Plus, it could be customized to fit our exact needs.”

DCC/WoodWare Case Study imageThe deployment and integration of WarehouseXT and TrakWare was planned in stages. The first two, which were receiving and shop picking, ended up being combined and together took only three months to implement. “Everything went very smoothly,” says Sutton. “Because of Ensemble, we could leverage quite a lot of the testing and communications capabilities that are built into WarehouseXT. That saved us some time.”

He continues: “I also think Ensemble helped everyone – us, the developers of the ERP system, and the Goebel implementation team – work together better. Ensemble became a sort of neutral meeting ground. It saves every message passing through the system, so when the inevitable implementation glitches occurred, having that information allowed us to very quickly isolate the issue (both what and where) and make the necessary adjustments.”

Since implementing WarehouseXT, Goebel has seen improvements in both productivity and information visibility and flow. “The system knows where items in the warehouse are right down to the bin location, and the items are verified by a barcode scan. That significantly reduces picking times and virtually eliminates picking errors,” Field says. “Plus, receipts and production picks are visible in real time, both from the WarehouseXT system and the ERP system. Our project managers have a more accurate picture of inventory movements.”

Because of the connectivity Ensemble gives to WarehouseXT, we can diversify and grow our customer base.

Nick Carter, President
DCC/Woodware Systems

Nick Carter, president of DCC, says “Going into the Goebel implementation, we were confident that we had the tools from Ensemble to do the job efficiently. Happily, it exceeded all of our expectations.”

Carter plans on using WarehouseXT and Ensemble to help DCC/WoodWare break into more vertical markets. “Because of the connectivity Ensemble gives to WarehouseXT, we can diversify and grow our customer base,” he says.