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Enabling Connected Care for Population Health Success

As the US healthcare industry shifts from the long-standing fee-for-service model to a more quality-based standard, healthcare organizations across the country are looking for tactics to help them succeed in the value-based care world. Population health is one of those tactics that has been placed at the forefront of this search. Dr. Turner Billingsley, InterSystems Chief Medical Officer, sees the approach to population health as critically important for healthcare organizations and clinically integrated networks. Ideally, the methods chosen will create care models that are durable and sustainable.

While many entities are grappling with how to succeed in these value-based care models, the truth of the matter is that population health actually requires a patient-centric approach in order to be effective. Billingsley believes that healthcare organizations need to think specifically about how they can empower clinicians to be more effective in improving the overall health status of a population by optimizing care for individuals. Among other things, this requires standardization, localization, personalization and adaptation.

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Enabling Connected Care for Population Health Success