Connect the Dots with Clinigraphics - InfogrpahicInformation Overload is a Widespread Problem in Healthcare

Physicians are bombarded by clinical information from multiple sources in a way that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to process. So it’s not enough for technology to get the information in front of them; it also should help them efficiently use it within their daily workflow.

Thanks to InterSystems HealthShare, there are new ways to enhance a physician’s ability to “see the patterns and connections that matter,” expediting care delivery.

Built with World-Class InterSystems Technology

Clinigraphics and Clinical Inference are the result of a unique partnership between InterSystems and Clinical Architecture. They combine Clinical Architecture’s terminology management expertise and inferencing engine with comprehensive, longitudinal health records built on the InterSystems Health Informatics Platform. The result is a reliable, scalable solution that effectively supports the clinical information needs of even the largest healthcare system.

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