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Women You Should Know: Julie Smith

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*Originally published here on the HIT Like a Girl Podcast, August 25, 2021.

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Julie Smith has one of the essential jobs inside one of the most extraordinary companies in the healthcare industry. She’s the Clinical Product Leader for the HealthShare team at InterSystems. “HealthShare© creates a unified, community-wide health record as the foundation for coordinated, value-based care and population health management” (InterSystems). The processes help alleviate transaction inefficiencies and ensure that the correct data is available at the right place of service when the data is needed.
Julie helps to develop functionality within HealthShare that helps a physician understand a patient’s entire medical history on a single screen. Now that’s pretty cool.
Julie started her career as a registered nurse. What she does today builds beyond bedside nursing. She wants to make information available globally to better care for patients. That’s admirable, but challenging. Julie keeps working to make information available because she’s passionate about health equity, according to her. Her passion for the patient journey was apparent throughout the interview. (Listen here!)

Navigating the Pandemic

Julie is very proud of how her team navigated the challenges of the pandemic. Due to the culture at InterSystems, communications were strengthened during the COVID crisis, helping her team become more informed.
If you’re familiar with InterSystems ecosystem, you know they are uniquely qualified for the challenge of big data. “We all went through that startling moment where we arrived in the office and were sent home, but we didn’t lose a beat,” she said.
InterSystems was the default instigator of information, a source of transparent data during the pandemic. Imagine having a toolkit on hand to help inform health systems around the world facing the Covid-19 challenge without skipping a beat. InterSystems has that toolkit.
Regulations don’t keep up with innovation, but Julie shared how InterSystems can make regulation work for the tasks at hand. Data governance and regulatory flexibility became crucial during the pandemic, and InterSystems rose to the occasion.
The pandemic made clear; there are ways to be flexible while accomplishing both personal and professional goals. Citing a need to keep the office, the office, and home the home, Julie shared how she identified and sustained boundaries and set limitations when working from home. Julie shared her love for nature, hiking, and getting outdoors. She admits to having adopted two pandemic puppies, who help her stay focused. Getting to see nature was a reminder of “what is possible in the greater world” daily.
We enjoyed speaking with Julie and learning about the capabilities of HealthShare.
You can connect with Julie viaLinkedIn, and we encourage you to learn more about HealthSharehere.

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