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Women You Should Know: Alex MacLeod

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*Originally published on the HIT Like a Girl Podcast, September 15, 2021.

Alex MacLeod, Director of Healthcare Commercial Initiatives for InterSystems, is the American dream incarnate. Born in Germany, Alex used to vacation in the U.S. as a child and dreamed of one day living here. Alex has been with InterSystems for twenty years, first working as an intern in Germany and now working in the healthcare sector as a director. Her progression from a hands-on technical talent to a leadership role was easy, as she’s been a part of the InterSystems ecosystem for some time. Alex’s experience helps her see the bigger picture and put that perspective into practical terms for her team. Moving into the healthcare business unit allowed her to focus on one area and not all the verticals. “It has kept me very interested,” Alex states, noting she feels she’s doing something good, and that makes her feel good.

A Question of Data Governance

When asked about InterSystems healthcare data management capabilities, Alex shared that the advances we’ve made in the past twenty years have been enormous, including the way we share data through interoperability, and leveraging it to power AI and machine learning initiatives; “it’s really incredible.” Alex goes on to offer that there seems to be a lifecycle of every ten years. What has changed is that we don’t have to copy data to massive co-ops; we can now help other verticals take advantage of faster data movement through experience and technology. Alex believes women can uniquely contribute as much to the field as anyone and can do a lot with our experiences as moms. “As women, we’re no longer locked in a data room with no input. I want my daughter to know that she can do anything.”

Pandemic Challenges

During the pandemic, Alex had to switch to a remote role, which allowed her to work from home. Remote work also offered more significant challenges, as she had a three-year-old child at home and was expecting her second.” There’s not a lot of idle time,” according to Alex. She notes having a supportive partner is a vital part of learning a new way to be productive. Balancing work and life is a constant challenge for many women, but Alex says that blocking off family time and prioritizing it makes her better at her job.
Alex MacLeod is also an avid marathon runner. She can take advantage of virtual marathons during the pandemic. She will be running in a few half marathons in the fall. Alex also has joined a leadership class. Through the course, she has embraced journaling. Alex jokes that it has been quite a learning experience but has helped her focus on what she wants to work. Finally, Alex shared that she wishes there was a tighter community of women in healthcare IT, where women could share their experiences and tips on getting things done. We agree, Alex.
Listen to Alex MacLeod’s podcast episode.
Alex MacLeod will participate in a healthcare keynote panel at InterSystems Virtual Summit 2021. Learn more and register here!

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