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InterSystems HealthShare for Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Unified Patient Data Anywhere

Comprehensive, patient centric context creates value for Mobile Health applications

Mobile technologies are essential to the future of cost effective, intelligent healthcare delivery. Yet smart devices, intelligent sensors and telepresence applications are of little use without the rich clinical context needed to understand each patient.

To fulfill the promise of Internet of Things (IoT), users of mobile health technologies and applications need a complete, unified view of patient interactions derived from multiple payer and provider systems. Aggregation and normalization of healthcare data across the care continuum and devices is vital to ensure an effective mobile clinical experience.

InterSystems HealthShare reliably and rapidly delivers this unified view of the patient to enhance your mobile health platform.

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Always-Connected Care

Improve patient engagement and clinical interventions with intelligent interoperability

Mobile health platforms can succeed only if they can effectively interpret and intelligently act on the clinical data flowing through the mobile network. The challenge lies in successfully and economically connecting mobile health solutions to the multitude of existing clinical systems. This requires not only always-on connections to other systems, but patient context to drive intelligent, automated actions. InterSystems HealthShare delivers the secure standards-based interoperability and collaboration capabilities needed for high value, optimized, and clinically aware mobile health solutions.

Actionable Insight for Maximized Value

End-to-End visibility delivers optimized understanding of the data value chain

Mobile Health solutions are at the forefront of a wave of innovation. The challenge for mobile solutions is the need to synthesize inputs from multiple data sources simultaneously and in real-time.

HealthShare delivers insight into patient health status and outcomes through the integration of mobile data and extended clinical, financial and genomic information. Extending the value of the mobile clinical experience through actionable insights will drive new business opportunities, better service and higher value for your customers.