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Transforming Visions for Better Healthcare Into Reality

InterSystems and Startups (non-US)

Seismic shifts in healthcare often start with a radical thought that goes beyond the barriers of existing technology, processes, and systems. It dares to ask “what if?” It considers what’s been done in new ways while adding components to make possible what seemed impossible.

InterSystems fuels this innovation with next-generation digital solutions that allow entrepreneurial organizations to explore and implement their visions turning the “what if” into “what is.”

Develop flexible, customizable applications that readily adapt to changes in networks and process flows with advanced integration, database management, and analytics capabilities that complement existing infrastructure. On-premises, cloud-agnostic, hybrid, and multi-cloud development environments provide flexible deployment options.

Customer Success Stories

Here is a small subset of our customer success stories from across the world:
Diagnose diseases such as lung or colon cancer using a person’s breath. A portable, point-of-care device, Aeonose, is used to collect and analyze exhaled breath to diagnose a variety of pathologies in humans. The diagnosis is sent automatically to an electronic health record (EHR).

With InterSystems IRIS for Health™, eNose turns the manual recording of results into an automatic process that enables direct communication with an EHR.

Technologies: Integration, Diagnostics
Solution: InterSystems IRIS for Health
Improve urgent and emergency services provided by the UK National Health Services with a digital triage system that can be used ahead of or instead of appointments. Patients enter their symptoms and eConsult algorithms identify patients by clinical need and suitability for redirection. The system enables prioritized waiting lists and includes video functionality for remote consultations when appropriate.

InterSystems IRIS for Health offers a comprehensive, purpose-built data management platform to clean and prepare health data at scale. It facilitates easy integration of proprietary data with the masses of pre-existing data, achieving full compliance with mandatory data standards such as HL7® V2 and HL7® FHIR®.

Technologies: Integration, FHIR
Solution: InterSystems IRIS for Health
Evaluate the pain levels of all patients, including those who are non-verbal, not-lucid, or have other communication challenges with a convenient, portable pain assessment tool that can be used anywhere. PainChek’s platform uses smart devices with cameras to accurately evaluate patients’ pain levels.

InterSystems IRIS for Health eases new integrations and reduces costs by converting PainChek’s custom-built message formats to HL7 and FHIR.

Technologies: Integration, FHIR
Solution: InterSystems IRIS for Health
Improve the care of seniors in their homes with a convenient, central health information collection tool for multiple care providers. The project, launched by the Belgium Public Social Welfare Services, started with keeping and updating critical information in a Yellow Lunchbox stored in the refrigerator and evolved into an app that can be accessed by patients and caregivers from any location.

The system includes InterSystems IRIS for Health interoperability capabilities for data sharing and is hosted in the cloud. With GDPR-compliant security and patient consent, the system can access hospital and other health records to populate the digital Yellow Lunchbox content.

Technologies: Integration, Cloud
Solution: InterSystems IRIS for Health

What’s Your Digital Health Vision?

From concept through implementation, InterSystems provides customized, flexible solutions for enterprise digital transformation to help customers solve their most critical data challenges.

Learn more about how InterSystems supports Digital Health Innovators.

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