The fintech sector has been going from strength to strength in recent years, with more than 150 fintechs worldwide now fitting the criteria of being a ‘unicorn’ and valued at least $1 billion. Often thought of to be more agile and innovative than more traditional financial services institutions, fintechs are delivering significant value to consumers and businesses alike and have reshaped how some interact with financial services.

However, despite the success experienced by fintechs like Revolut, Klarna, Stripe, and Monzo, fintechs still tend to face a range of challenges – albeit different ones from traditional financial services institutions – including implementing the right technology, maintaining a healthy balance sheet, and expanding their business.

To understand the challenges around getting the technology ‘right’, priorities for the coming year, and perceptions on collaboration with more traditional institutions, InterSystems surveyed over 500 senior decision makers from 12 countries within fintechs globally, including the UK and Ireland, North and South America, Singapore, and New Zealand.

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