Connected health solutions


Hospitals, physician practices, integrated delivery networks, and health plans have different measures of success. But each one depends on using up-to-date information to drive action that helps keep patients as healthy as possible and engaged in their own care. The more you have at stake for the management of a member population, the more you need HealthShare’s strategic interoperability.

Your enterprise may benefit from HealthShare when:

You need secure, standards-based connectivity

Integration is the first step toward strategic interoperability. By adopting HealthShare as your ESB, you optimize connectivity and position yourself to respond to opportunities and challenges as they arise.

You are merging, acquiring, or affiliating with other providers

This is one of the most strategic IT investments North Shore-LIJ has ever undertaken. HealthShare’s modern architectural design will give us the agility we need as we continue to grow. This platform will position us strongly for the future, providing the scalability, reliability, and performance we need, without requiring anyone in our care community to replace their technology investments or disrupt familiar processes and workflows.

John Bosco, CIO
North Shore-LIJ Health System

With HealthShare strategic interoperability as the foundation for your information technology infrastructure, you gain the flexibility to invest in new relationships without the need to rip and replace existing systems. And you create a consistent, stable view of your organization for providers and patients.

You manage care for a geographically dispersed population

Whether you are a specialty provider, a regional referral center, or a care contractor delivering a bundle of services to a national employer, you need to support a shared-care plan with comprehensive information.

You are an accountable care organization (ACO), health plan, payer, or otherwise entrusted with the care of a population

You need current, comprehensive, credible data about your members, actionable information, and real-time notifications to optimize care outcomes and minimize financial risk.

You need a platform for innovation

With HealthShare’s high-performance, scalable, and reliable interoperability platform at the core of your IT environment, your organization can create new solutions that allow you to innovate, succeed, and grow.

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