InterSystems Virtual Summit 2020

Interaction & Information

October 20-22, 27-29, October 30 & November 2, November 2-5

Coming Virtually to Wherever You Are

And whatever your time zone. We know we’re on new ground, but if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s adaptability, which, coincidentally is the theme of our keynotes.

There will be something for everyone at Virtual Summit, whether you’re a tech-savvy executive, a technical manager, a developer or a systems integrator.

Attendance is free, so if the cost prevented you from attending our Global Summit in previous years, you don’t have to worry about that now.

What’s more, registered attendees will receive one free certification exam attempt, redeemable until December 31. Learn more.

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Creating an Adaptive Organization
October 20-22

  • Learn what adaptive organizations look like from members of those organizations.
  • Discover how we can help your organization meet the future.
  • Listen to customers, industry thought leaders, and InterSystems executives share ideas about how to build adaptive organizations.



Best Practices, New Technology, Roadmaps 
October 27-29

  • Analytics
  • Machine learning & artificial intelligence
  • Cloud operations & DevOps
  • Security, speed & scale
  • FHIR®
  • Interoperability
  • HealthShare: clean data
  • Healthcare solutions
  • TrakCare® modules
  • TrakCare deep dive topics
  • TrakCare technical topics

One on One

October 30 & November 2

  • Learning services
  • Product development
  • Support
  • Product management

Hands On with Our Technology
November 2-5

  • One scheduled live session with virtual over-the-shoulder help
  • Up to four on-demand labs
  • Office hours for additional guidance
  • Lab topics to be announced soon

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