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Advisory: Patient MRN History May Grow Very Large

This problem affects the following products:

  • HealthShare Unified Care Record: all versions

When a patient is added or edited, HealthShare keeps track of the previous record and saves it along with the current MRN in the ^HS.Registry.Patient.OldHistory global. This global can grow extremely large (for example, half of the Registry database). While the system does not use this global, customers can use it for their own compliance reporting to locate the current surviving MRN or MPIID when an audit report or query refers to a non-surviving MRN or previous MPIID.

In version 2022.2, the HS.Registry.Patient.OldHistory class has been added to retroactively define the ^HS.Registry.Patient.OldHistory global, thereby providing an object and SQL representation of the data so it is easier to query. In addition, the new class contains a classmethod DisableMRNHistory() to optionally disable logging of MRN history if a customer determines that the size of the global outweighs the benefit of this tracking.

  • The default value for new installations will be to disable this tracking
  • The default for upgrading customers will be to continue to track Patient Registry updates. Customers upgrading to HealthShare 2022.2 or 2023.1 are encouraged to disable the tracking of Patient MRN History if they are not explicitly using the global at this time or planning to in the future.

Customers on older versions who are not upgrading in the near future may disable Patient MRN History by contacting the Worldwide Response Center (WRC) and requesting the enhancement with reference to HSIEO-6599.


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