Classroom training addresses HealthShare Information Exchange, HealthShare Health Connect, and HealthShare Patient Index. The table below indicates which courses teach knowledge and skills appropriate for each product.

HealthShare Information ExchangeHealthShare Patient IndexHealthShare Health Connect
HealthShare Information Exchange Fundamentals  
HealthShare Patient Index
(if using HealthShare
Patient Index)
Developing Healthcare Integrations
Building IHE Client Components in HealthShare
Building and Managing HL7 Integrations

If you are unsure about which course(s) you should select, please ask us or contact your InterSystems representative.

When working with any HealthShare product, it is also important for system managers to know how to manage the InterSystems servers. Those developing and maintaining productions may need to write code using InterSystems Objects. Please see the related courses available below under System Basics.

When working with HealthShare, it is important to have a working knowledge of InterSystems Objects for customization and the underlying database management system for server configuration and administration.


Developers learn how to create classes, manipulate objects, and use tools within the InterSystems development environment.

Developing with InterSystems Objects and SQL

Refer to the Learn Caché for Developers Resource Guide and for other available learning resources.

Server Management

System Administrators use the Management Portal to configure, operate, and manage InterSystems servers.

Managing InterSystems Servers

Refer to the System Management Resource Guide and for other available learning resources.