HealthShare is the health informatics platform, enabling information exchange and analytics within a hospital network, and across a community, region or nation. Organizations will either purchase HealthShare as a platform or HealthShare as an integration engine. If you are unsure about which course(s) you should select, please ask us or contact your InterSystems representative.

When working with HealthShare, it is also important to have a working knowledge of Caché ObjectScript and Caché System Management. Please see the related courses available below.

If you are using HealthShare as a Health Information Exchange environment, the HealthShare Information Exchange Fundamentals course provides you with detailed information on architecture, configuration, installation, and customization.

(This course is not appropriate for those who have purchased only the HealthShare Foundation component.)

HealthShare Information Exchange Fundamentals

These courses teach you to how to build and manage HealthShare-based applications, whether you are using the HealthShare Foundation component simply to connect existing components, or using HealthShare to create a Health Information Exchange that includes custom components.

HealthShare Course Content

Courses Healthcare
Building Healthcare Productions
Building IHE Client Components in HealthShare
Building and Managing HL7 Productions
Building HL7 Productions
Managing Productions

Building Healthcare Productions
Developers use Studio to create integration solutions containing custom business services, business processes, and business operations. Building Healthcare Productions covers integration in a healthcare environment, including using pre-built HL7 components.

Building Healthcare Productions

Building IHE Client Components in HealthShare
Implementation partners and healthcare customers work with and code for the pre-built business components that support client-side IHE communications. Participants also learn how to create CDA documents from HL7. This class requires significant ObjectScript programming experience and Production knowledge to successfully complete the coding exercises, which are a significant part of the class.

Building IHE Client Components in HealthShare

Building and Managing HL7 Productions
System Integrators build an integration engine to connect multiple applications in a healthcare environment using pre-built HL7 components. The engine can route and transform messages to be correctly processed by a receiving system. Additionally, System Integrators configure, manage and monitor the integration engine using the Management Portal.

Building and Managing HL7 Productions

When working with HealthShare, it is important to have a working knowledge of the Caché ObjectScript programming language for customization and the underlying database management system for database-level configuration and administration.

Application Development
Developers build high-performance transactional applications by using Studio to create classes, write Caché ObjectScript, to define their business logic, and learn to use other tools within the Caché Development Environment.

Caché Foundations

Database-Level Management
System Administrators use the Web-based Management Portal to configure, operate, and manage the Caché System, and the applications that use it.

Caché System Management