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Manifest MedEx Partners with InterSystems to Resolve Key Value-Based Care Information Challenges

doctor reviewing patient imaging results in a tablet

CUSTOMER: Manifest MedEx

CHALLENGE: Information silos prevent the synthesis of clinical and claims data to provide a unified patient record.

OUTCOME: Through the use of InterSystems HealthShare, Manifest MedEx now can synthesize a wide variety of data types across disparate sources and deliver them to providers in a single view.

In value-based care, every member of the care team needs visibility into the patient’s complete health history. But the structure of healthcare in the U.S. tilts against this view. Healthcare data is diverse, dispersed, and frequently changing. And the data is siloed, held in different electronic health records of providers, the claims systems of payers, and in the systems of other organizations across the entire spectrum of care.

In California, Manifest MedEx, the largest nonprofit health information network in the state, selected InterSystems HealthShare® as the core technology to break down the information silos, and improve communication among healthcare organizations. HealthShare is a suite of connected care solutions that creates a unified patient care record from any number of different sources. Manifest MedEx is using HealthShare to help it deliver participating providers with tools and technology to jointly manage patients enrolled in value-based care programs.

“Healthcare organizations need a data utility that fits into their workflows, a network that is flexible, reliable, and very quickly valuable to their patients. We are teaming with InterSystems to deliver a completely new approach to health information,” said Claudia Williams, CEO at Manifest MedEx. “Breaking down silos is just the first step in fostering innovation in healthcare, and, ultimately, improving health for patients overall.”

Extracting the Most Value from a Comprehensive Patient Record

 Working with J2 Interactive, an InterSystems implementation partner, Manifest MedEx created three product lines with HealthShare that help participants reduce cost and enhance patient and provider experience.

  • MX Notify provides customizable real-time admission, discharge, and transfer alerts so that providers can immediately know when a patient has been at the hospital and can offer timely assistance.
  • MX Access delivers a single, easy-to-use view of clinical and claims records, helping providers to review a wide range of data types from disparate sources, resulting in a more complete and accurate view of a patient’s medical history.
  • MX Analyze is a forthcoming risk prediction and quality measurement tool for population health management, designed to help providers easily explore signals from health data.
David Kates Chief Technology Officer Manister MedEx

Through the use of HealthShare, Manifest MedEx now can synthesize a wide variety of data types across disparate sources and deliver them to providers in a single view. Reducing repeat visits to the hospital by recently discharged patients is one of the first benefits. “We see a huge opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the cost and quality of care by better evaluating and mitigating risks and fostering seamless communication between providers and plans,” said David Kates, Chief Technology Officer at Manifest MedEx. “InterSystems HealthShare will help connect the dots on every patient record, delivering the information California payers and providers need as they move toward value-based care.”

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